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4 Vital Facts To Know About A PUG


A Pug is also known by the name Dutch Mastiff, Chinese Pug, and Dutch Bulldog. The Pug is one of the old breeds and comes back from about 2400 years ago. As it is one of the most familiar among dog lovers, let’s discuss Pug information in detail as stated below.


Pug information

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Maybe you are getting worried by his wrinkle on the face, but actually, the fact is, he is fooling you and is laughing inside and even trying to make you laugh. And for this fun personality, most of the people are in love with the Pugs.

They always love to get a handsome welcome wherever they go. They easily go with other dogs, cats, and even children. And is the best companion while you jog or enjoy at the beach.

Behavioral Traits:

Pug information

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Apart from barking, a pug also makes noise while they are yapping, grunting, or even snorting. They are also excellent watchdogs if they get proper training. They know, when barking is necessary. If your pug is performing any different action then always encourage them by giving them a treat. This will make them less likely to beg.

Size and Weight:

Pug information

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With their small ringtail, they are typically 12 to 14 inches tall, and hardly gain weight up to 20 pounds. And often they become a victim of obesity. Some of their heavy health becomes a burden for them. They neither need nor are able to deal with lots of exercises.


Pug information

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Grooming a Pug’s coat is straightforward. Brush his swish double coat weekly with a rubber curry brush to get rid of dead hair. And you may take away variant it as a result of Pugs shed. They shed year-round, thus, it is one thing you must expect to measure.

The Pug’s facial wrinkles, particularly the deep nose roll, should be cleansed. Every pug-dog is personal, thus you’ll need to clean them daily or solely weekly.

The rest are basic care tips like trimming the nails once or twice a week or brush his teeth typically with a vet-approved pet dentifrice.