White Persian kittens

All You Need To Know About White Persian Cat Before Adopting Them


Having a pet is a matter of choice and different people love different animals to have as a pet. Among all the pet animals cats are the most popular one that people love to adopt. Here are many cat breeds which you can get and a white Persian cat is one of them whom you can have in your home. You would love this cat breed if you love to cuddle with your cats as they are too soft.

Here are many cat breeds which you can get and a white Persian cat is one of them whom you can have in your home. You would love this cat breed if you love to cuddle with your cats as they are too soft. If you already have decided to adopt them as your pet then here are few things that you need to know about them in order to take care of them in a better way:

Appearance Of White Persian Cat:

White Persian kittens

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This is a medium-sized cat breed that can have a bodyweight of about 7-12 pounds and their height though varies. Persian cats can have many varieties of colors but the white Persian kittens only have one color which is white and they look absolutely stunning in this white coat and the best part I that they have really large fur so you can create many styles with their fur.

Their coat color as well as long fur makes them popular as well as loved among celebrities. Internet goes crazy for their pictures and most of the time you would find their pictures as well as videos going viral on the internet. They have a huge face with small pair of ears and a big nose as well which makes them look cute. They may come in a variety of lens colors such as blue, light blue, brown, green, etc.

Their fluffy long tail which they wiggle all the time is enough to melt your heart. They have medium-sized two pair of legs which fits perfectly according to their long body. White Persian kittens usually have a life span of 12 to 15 years and if you would take good care of them then they might stay with you for a bit longer period of time.


White Persian kittens

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They don’t only look quite and gentle but they are actually very silent loving cats. Who won’t be aggressive at all. This cat can be the perfect example of a couch potato. As its favorite thing is to be in a lap and get some back scratches. This cat loves to be pampered so if your baby girl wants a doll to play with them. They can be perfect that you can gift your baby.

This cat loves being combed or treated gently, as you already know they love being in lap. So, they hardly walk or play outdoor games. They definitely have trust issues so they won’t get free with everyone. They know who their family members or friends are so they tend to avoid strangers. This cat hates loud sound and even they don’t have loud voice rather their voice literally feels like a soft music.

They love to tease mouse though they won’t really kill a mouse but would play with the mouse and that is the only time you would see them running a bit. They are less demanding and have patience as well so even if you are busy they won’t insist you to give them your attention rather they would wait for you to get free.

Health complications as well as care:

White Persian kittens

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They are not generally the healthy cat breed and they tend to get a number of health disorders. Such as breathing issues and at time you would be able to observe noisy breathing. Which takes place due to constricted nostrils. Dental problem is also common in them which may become a problem for them. While chewing food and bad eye condition is another common issue.

That they usually tend to face kidney disease, heart problems, and many other such complications. As they have long hair so their grooming just involves taking take of their long fur and nothing much. Make sure you feed them cat food and not your regular food because they also tend to face digestive issues.

These were few things you should know about white Persian cat before getting them in your house.