full grown bernedoodle

Full Grown Bernedoodle: History, Temperament, Health, & More

Have you seen a dog that is as cute as a doodle? At the same time it looks a bit different than regular doodle dogs?Well, chances are you have seen a designer breed: the Bernedoodle!  Yes, full grown bernedoodle is a mixed dog breed resulting from crossbreeding a pure Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. […]

dried dead tick on dog

How To Remove a Dried Dead Tick on a Dog in 4 Steps!

Is your dog behaving differently?  There are high chances that maybe he’s suffering from ticks! To be more accurate and confirmed, check whether your dog has these signs or not:  Your dog has a mild or high-grade fever. If your dog is excessively nipping or licking at a particular spot. Your dog is constantly shaking his […]

heart murmur in dogs

Heart Murmur in Dogs: Types, Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

Is your dog diagnosed with Heart Murmur?First of all, stop panicking, and secondly, stop visiting tons of website pages to find out what to do!  I know, it’s so scary to hear that your small fluffy friend has been diagnosed with a heart murmur. But don’t worry much as it’s a pretty common thing in […]

canadian marble fox

Canadian Marble Fox: History, Temperament, Health, & More

Are you one of those people who like to have wild animals as pets?Yes, many people like to have wild animals as pets for plenty of reasons. From leopards, lions to alligators and ostrich, there are so many wild animals nowadays people prefer to have in their houses.  You may have heard about the animals […]

dog food storage container

8 Best Dog Food Storage Container on Amazon

If you’re feeding commercial food to your fur buddy, which usually comes in the form of kibbles, it’s always profitable as well as convenient when bought in bulk. None of us want to go to the store or get online every 15 days to buy a pound of kibble.So why do many people still prefer […]

jack dempsey fish

Jack Dempsey Fish Overview, Care, Appearance, Diet & More

Jack Dempseys are freshwater cichlids, scientifically known as Rocio octofasciata. They are commonly referred to as Jack Dempsey since they show similar characteristics to the legendary heavyweight boxer William Harrison JACK Dempsey. The characteristics they share in common is their aggression and harsh looks.Even though these fishes are territorial and aggressive, they are an extremely […]

bristlenose pleco

Bristlenose Pleco: Overview, Appearance, Diet and More

The bristlenose plecostomus have become popular worldwide as they remain smaller than their catfish cousin throughout life and are peaceful fishes that are suitable for community tanks.They are also known as the Bristlenose catfish, pleco fish, bristlenose plecostomus, bushynose pleco, picasimus and bushynose catfish. They are characterized by the intricate patterns on their smooth body […]

pea puffer

Pea Puffer Fish: Appearance, Temperament, Diet and More

Pea puffer are the smallest of all known Puffer fish and one of the smallest of all fishes in the world. They are intelligent and unique freshwater fish that would make great additions to your aquarium if you are a bit experienced aquarist. Freshwater Puffer fish has always been a subject of interest due to their […]

saint berdoodle

Saint Berdoodle: History, Temperament, Care and More

St berdoodle, also known as the st bernard poodle mix, as the name suggests is a designer breed of dog created by crossing poodles and saint bernards. These dogs are a perfect blend of the two dogs and have amazing qualities of loyalty, intelligence and friendliness.The st berdoodle is also known as st bernard poodle […]

dog panting at night

Why My Dog Panting at Night? Know the Reasons and Causes

We all picture a very happy or tired dog, breathing rapidly with their tongue hanging out when we hear the word panting. But have you ever wondered why dogs pant? And what exactly is panting?Let’s get to know it a little better. All warm-blooded mammals (including us) maintain their body temperature in sync with the […]