Giant African Land Snail

Fascinating Facts About Giant African Land Snail

The Giant African Land Snail is considered as one of the most invasive pets in the whole world and is believed responsible for carrying a parasite in its slime, that is actually responsible for a form of meningitis that is very harmful to humans. There does not seem to be a much appeal to keep this […]

Cats And Their Behaviour

10 Things To Know About Cats And Their Behaviour

Cats are one of the most mysterious and fun-loving creatures of all time. Cats And Their Behaviour can really be unpredictable and weird at times but cute and funny also sometimes. Their behaviour does convey a lot about their mood and nature and thus understanding it might help you a lot to get closer and […]

Best Small House Dogs

Most Popular Best Small House Dogs Breed

Small dogs are extremely popular for many reasons. First, they are considered to be portable, meaning they can fit in the little carriers and can go with you to various places. In general, they require little space and may even do well in cramped homes and apartments. Most of all, the little ones are absolutely adorable. […]

Cat Tail Body Language

Learn About Cat Tail Body Language

Feline communication is a system that is very complex and made up of a system of sign language, some vocalization, and even some scent cues people can’t detect. Signals help to define and reinforce the cat’s social position and smooth cat to cat, cat to people, and cat to dog relationships. Silent communication can be […]

Dog Food Poisoning Symptoms

Beware Of The Dog Food Poisoning Symptoms

We all love our dogs and treat them as no less than our own children and if something happens to them, then we leave no stone turned to make it right. Dog Food Poisoning Symptoms are the most vital symptoms to look out for as food poisoning is very common among the dogs and it […]

Fun And Easy Dog Tricks

Top 10 Effective Fun And Easy Dog Tricks

Dog tricks are some of the coolest and fun ways to give a dog some mental stimulation and can be great for show off to friends too. It adds to the looks the beauty of the dog and who wouldn’t love to handshake with a cute little doggo or sit with one. So today here […]

Types Of Bird Nests

The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Bird Nests

Birds may be small but the love they have for their young is mighty. They build elaborate and often intricate nests from the smallest items like grass or chafings and other items. Even though their nests are only temporarily made to raise their young, they put their heart and soul into making it a meticulously […]

Professional Dog Photographers

The Inside Scoop On Professional Dog Photographers

All of us spend considerable time (and phone memory space) to photograph our canine and feline companions and their various moods. However, there are a few professionals who take these photography sessions to the next level. Professional Dog Photographers take the common woofs and lazy feline stretches and make it into a work of art. […]

Cat Won't Sleep At Night

Why Your Cat Can’t Sleep At Night

Our feline companions are extremely popular for their lazy habits and even more for their sunbathing and sleepy schedules. It is also said that they spend almost half their day doing their favourite activity: sleeping! However, for various reasons, your cat may wake you up when you are sleeping or your cat may seem to […]

Smartest Dog Breeds

A List Of The Smartest Canine Breeds

A smart dog may come in many forms and everyone desires to some extent that their dogs are smart and able to perform well under training. However, no matter how smart the dog is they need guidance and proper training in order to focus their smarts and put it to good use. Also […]