Everything To know About Dog Treats

We want to give our dogs treats, regardless of whether for reward training, good behaviour or for some other reason. Picking the proper treat types can help keep our dog sound and energetic. So today at Pets Nurturing we shall be talking about healthy dog treats and some good dog treat recipes. Crunchy Treats   […]

bird with long beak

Things To know About Birds With A Long Beak

Cutting a winged creature’s beak sounds sort of alarming, however, it is an essential method for certain owners and their pets. Much like our fingernails, a flying creature’s nose develops persistently for a very long time Along these lines, the beak must cut at regular intervals for it to work properly. So today at Pets […]

pet owl

Owls And What To know About Them

In various motion pictures, books, and TV appears, owls are appeared to be unfathomably friendly, loving and intelligent pets. If you want to know how to keep them as a pet and how to take care of them then you are in the right place to be. So today at Pets Nurturing we shall be […]

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Top 14 Most Loyal Dog Breeds List

Dogs are mans best friend, however, friendship takes various shapes. A few dogs don’t seem to know, or care, who encourages them and strolls them, becoming hopelessly careless with whoever takes them on a stroll. But not all breeds. The dogs in this list are completely faithful to their masters So today at Pets Nurturing […]

Dog Agility Training

Few Important Dog Agility Training Tips

Aren’t you and your dog bored of playing fetch all the time or just walking mindlessly around the park? After a few days, the excitement of it wears off and if you don’t want things to get boring between you and your dog, if you want to keep the initial feeling of excitement and liveliness […]

Miniature Horse

All You Need To Know About Miniature Horse

Well, as the name suggests, miniature horses are those mini horse breeds which are distinguished by their small size. Their scientific name is Equus ferus caballus, although they are commonly referred to as Mini Horse or mini ponies. They are found in many countries, mostly in Europe and America. These horses are bred with the objective of […]

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat And Their Quirks

The Sphynx Cat, also scientifically known as Felis catus is a hairless cat that was developed through the methods of selective breeding between hairless cats and Rex cats in the 1960s. Their country of origin is Canada and are therefore also known as Canadian hairless cat. These cats are warm, loving and are very demanding when […]

Long Haired Chihuahua

Some Information About Long Haired Chihuahua

Long haired chihuahuas are the cutest of the dogs out there, but mind you, they are high maintenance. Now don’t be startled, it is nothing you cannot manage. The distinctive feature of these dogs, unlike a regular Chihuahua, is their long hair, found mainly around their necks, ears, legs, and tails. Although these dogs are […]


Hedgehog And Things To Know About It

Hedgehogs are effectively perceived by their spines, which are empty hairs made firm with keratin. Their spines are not noxious or thorned and not at all like the plumes of a porcupine, don’t actually isolate from their bodies. In any case, the youthful creature’s spines ordinarily drop out as they are supplanted with grown-up spines. […]

Why Do Dogs Fight

Few Reasons Behind Why Do Dogs Fights?

Dogs may battle for various reasons. Indeed, even dogs that live respectively or are connected can and will battle. Some battling dogs won’t quit battling until damage happens that outcomes in a single dog backing off. In any case, a few triggers are effectively distinguished and can be evaded. Numerous dogs of a similar gender […]