when do puppies open their eyes

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes? Brief Explanation With The Relieving Answer

Your dog just delivered the pack of little puppies and they all are sleeping peacefully. And this will surely make your eyes watery. Such an emotional moment. But you will panic when puppies won’t open eyes even after two days. And you will search questions like: When do puppies open their eyes? Why aren’t they […]

Parakeet: Appearance, Temperament, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having a pet is like having a friend who won’t judge you. You can share anything with it, and all your secrets are safe. But we always look for two-way conversations, right? What if I say you can converse with your pet? Yeah! That‘s true. There is a pet who can talk, not exactly like […]

Horse Eating Hay

What Do Horses Eat? Complete List of Nutritional Horse Food

We all love horses, even some of you might be having them at your house or your farmhouse. We hope that you all who have horses must be having a good time playing with them and enjoy doing horse riding as well. But along with this fun, you have to provide them with a healthy […]


How Much CBD Oil Should You Give to Your Pets?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have more than likely heard about CBD. It has been claimed that this item can treat a host of ailments, including pain, inflammation, and anxiety, among others. Humans have used it for a while, but now it has been found that CBD oil for pets can […]

best Roomba

The Top 5 Best Roomba for Your Pet Hair

In as much as you love your cat or dog, it is not easy to keep up with the hair shed. It is during such a time that you need to invest in a Roomba pet hair to get the job done. The robot does a good job of cleaning up after your pets. The robot […]

dog grooming

How Much It Costs To Groom A Dog

Is dog grooming a plaything of the rich? Well, it’s in the eye of the beholder. Some might not understand a dog owner’s affection towards his beloved pet, pampering them like humans, and sometimes, grooming them more than a human!  I was not a believer of these grooming things at first, and just like any other […]

tortoise enclosure

7 Easy Steps and Tips to make Tortoise House Escape-Free

Do you know what is the plus point of getting home a tortoise? You won’t have to suffer from separation anxiety. Their lifespan is probably more than yours, i.e., 50-100 years. And they don’t shed, so you won’t have to worry about allergies too. But they aren’t as large as your furry friends, so they […]

dog friendly resorts in Cancun

ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres Hotel: One of the Best Dog Friendly Resorts in Cancun

I just came across the best place to stay on an expedition to Cancun. This place is 15 minutes from Cancun at the exclusive destination ‘Playa Mujeres”. The plus point and the reason I’m this much excited is, it is one of the best dog friendly resorts in Cancun, Mexico. Yep! I went on a […]