mange in cats

Know It All Guide On Cat Mange To Keep Your Tiny Furball Safe

Is your little furball uneasy and is scratching too much? If it is, then it is time to take your cat to a veterinarian. Mange is the sole reason for cats to scratch themselves, and if it is not treated in the early stages, then it will leave your feline furball furless with damaged skin. […]

cats with big ears

9 Cat Breeds With Big Ears – An Awesome List To Choose From!

We all know about the beautiful deep eyes of a cat. They can make you do anything with their magic eye power, right? But apart from their eyes, little noses, and fluffy tails, there is another thing that people simply can’t get enough of. What is that? Cat ears!! There are a million things to […]

bats as pets

Can We Have Bats As Pets? Know It Today

Pets are our best friends, we love to play with them, take care of them, do any fun activity, provide them with their favorite food; after all, they are our special companion that makes our lives special.  Those who have pets must be knowing how incredible it feels to play and spend time with your […]

Bull Retriever

Learn Everything You Need to Know About the Golden Retriever Pit Bull Mix

Have your kids been bothering you to get them a Golden Retriever, but you’re more of a Pit Bull kind of person yourself? Do you dream about getting a Pit Bull but are worried and annoyed about the prejudices that come with the breed? Maybe it’s time to get acquainted with the Golden Retriever Pit […]

can dogs eat broccoli

Can Dogs Have Broccoli? Get The Complete Information Today

A dog’s diet has to be planned carefully and in the proper manner to keep them healthy, fit and fine. The diet plan should be made from an expert veterinary doctor as they will include all the necessary items and ingredients in it.  There are some food items which are good for their health and […]

coronavirus in cats

What is Feline Coronavirus: Its Symptoms, Treatment, and Precautions

An unexpected outbreak of the Coronavirus has been drawing worldwide concern as a global public health risk. Last year in Dec 2019, the infestation was first reported in the Wuhan city of China, and from there, it is now affecting thousands of people from all around the globe.  To date, there are around 472,529 cases […]

Dog Collars

Dog Collars – What you Need to Know

Your puppy becomes an indispensable part of your family within a very short time. You may take him to the vet, ensure all the essential convenience, feed him supplements and best dog food so that he can enjoy sound health. What else is still required to confirm the most safety and care of your canine? […]

how to buy socks for dog

How To Buy Socks For Your Cute Dog?

Getting socks for your dog is not drink anymore as now they are present in all sizes and designs. Some of you made think about why there is a need for dog socks or you can say why to buy clothes for your dog. Then the answer is simple: your dog just like you need […]

swim bladder disorder

How To Treat Swim Bladder Disorder? (Detailed Information)

“I think my fish forgot how to swim. She is constantly floating.” “My fish is swimming with her tail upwards.” “Why my fish’s stomach seems swelled? Is she pregnant?” Ever heard these questions, experienced, or maybe right now, at this moment you are thinking about those right now? If yes, then let us get this […]

cat door for window

7 Cat Door For Window: Complete Guidelines On How To Buy One!!

What greater gift than the Love of a Cat!! Right? In the first instance when you see them, they appear to be a small round fluffy furball which is sooo…. Cute!! From being super adorable to a wild mess creator, a kitty has many personalities. If you own one, you know all the moods of […]