How to Take Care of Dog in Winter

10 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Dog in Winter

Winters are at the door; you are all prepared to save yourself from the chilly temperature outside, but what about your dog? Do you think it is well prepared too? Have you considered saving that little creature (okay, a big creature too!) from the chilling atmosphere of winter. Like you need to revise your diet […]

Healthiest Dog Breeds

Top 9 Healthiest Dog Breeds in the World

Selecting a new pet calls for more than choosing a dog that appeals to your preference. Among the numerous factors to consider, the vulnerability of a dog to disease ranks top on the list.Besides reducing the cost of veterinary services, a healthy dog also promises a more extended friendship, thus more experiences. To help you […]

Dog Sneezing

Know The Reason Behind Your Dog Sneezing

Having a pet is more than fun as it is a big responsibility and some so many people have pets and so there is question-related to their health and behavior. Have you ever noticed your dog sneezing? Well, the dog keeps sneezing and this is very common just like other animals but sometimes this can […]

Carolina Dog

A Reference Article on Carolina Dog: One of the Rarest Breed

Thinking about getting a Carolina Dog? Or want to learn more about your baby Carolina? You are at the right place. Carolina dog is one of the rarest breeds that were found roaming freely in North Carolina. It is believed that they are the dogs that used to travel with native Americans in North America. […]

Litter Robot 3 Reviews

Tips On Keeping Your Kitty Happy Indoors

Whether you want to keep your kitty inside all, or most of the time for safety concerns, or you’d simply like to make sure they’re warm during the cold months, keeping a cat happy can be tough. Still, the good news is that it can be done by simply looking at your apartment from your […]

Dental Tips For Dogs

Dental Tips For Dogs

Did you know that your dog’s mouth requires daily attention just as yours does? Oral hygiene is a critical factor in your pooch’s overall health. Minor dental problems can progress into periodontal (gum) disease which, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss and serious life-threatening infections of the heart, kidney or liver. About 85% […]

Cockapoo Dog

An Encyclopedia of Cockapoo Dog – A Must-read Before You Bring Them Home

Have you ever thought about having a pet that can make you feel wanted all the time? If yes, then cockapoo is totally your type. It has all the qualities of a grown-up clown! It can make you smile, laugh, and crazy with its cute gestures. The surprising fact is it the first designer dog […]

Parrot Lays an Egg

What to Do When Parrot Lays an Egg

Finding an egg can be pretty surprising to many parrot owners, especially if their pet didn’t have any access to any parrots of the opposite sex. Depending on the circumstances, there are several ways this situation can develop. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t panic. No matter what exactly happened, there are ways of dealing with it. This […]

Dog Type Pokemon

Sometimes Furious, Sometimes Cute, Find Different Dog-Type Pokemons Here

The popularity of Pokemon is beyond the description as “Pikachu, I choose you!” is enough to flash all the memories of childhood. But if you are a dog lover as well as Pokemon’s fan, then you will find Dog Pokemon in your favorite list. With the passing years, the favorite cartoon series as introduced many […]

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

An Encyclopedia of Anatolian Shepherd- A Must-Read Before Buying

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is one of the oldest dogs in the dog world. Their existence is from centuries. The origin of this dog is hidden in its name only. Anatolia – a city in Turkey. Do you know? They have been honored to get a space on the national postage stamp. They were bred in […]