brindle pitbull

BRINDLE PITBULL: Pitbull With A Unique Coat.

A lot of people have this notion that the Brindle pitbull terrier is another breed or a specific type of Pitbull, different from the regular American pitbull terrier. Well, that’s not true. Brindle pitbull is a technical term used for describing a Pitbull with specific coat color and pattern known as the brindle coat.The confusion […]

pocket pitbull

Pocket Pitbull: Miniature Version of American Pitbull Terrier

The pocket pitbull, also known as the miniature pitbull or pocket bully is the compact version of the American pitbull terrier. They are a hybrid of Patterdale terrier and American pitbull or the Staffordshire terrier hence it is also known as Patterdale terrier pitbull.This little breed of dog weighs 11 to 22 pounds with the […]

white german sheperd

All About the Magnificent White German Shepherd

German Shepherds; We know them as strong, fierce, loyal, and protective dogs, and the picture that pops up in our head with all these qualities, when we hear the name German Shepherd, is of a black or a tan and black dog, which is the most favored and common coat color. But did you know […]

Indian Pariah Dog Breed

Why Indian Pariah Dog Breed Is Best Human Companion

Present-day dogs serve as home pets, agricultural laborers, service animals, and are a vital part of human civilization in a variety of capacities. However, certain species, known as pariah dogs, have remained wild for most of human history. The Indian pariah dog breed is also known as the native Indian dog or the Desi Breed, and it […]

java moss

Java moss: An ideal aquarium plant

Java moss is an aquatic plant that is a great choice for aquariums that hold small tropical fishes belonging to freshwater. It is an easy to grow plant that is tolerant to a wide range of temperatures, into any substrate. It is a famous choice of most people with freshwater aquariums with tropical fishes.Scientifically, Java […]

Pet Tortoise

Pet Tortoise: Things to Know Before Getting One

Pet tortoises have become very common and a popular choice as pets as they are easy to care for and do not require much of our time, attention, and involvement when  compared to other pet animals like cats, dogs, or a pet iguana. Although they are fun and pretty easy to care for, tortoises  are not […]

dwarf hamster

Dwarf Hamster: The Cutest Little Bundle of Joy

Hamsters are rodents belonging to the scientific order Rodentia that are a popular choice as small pets. The hamster commonly kept as a pet is the golden hamster also known as the Syrian hamster but as of recent times, the dwarf hamster species have been seen to be gaining a lot of popularity.Dwarf hamsters as […]

Pet Frog Names

Pet Frog Names That Are as Bouncy as Your Pet

The first thing you have to think of while getting a pet is a suitable name for them and when it comes to a frog, things might get a bit confusing since they aren’t commonly kept pets like dogs and cats. They have a similar life span as compared to dogs which means they’ll be […]

names for hamsters

Names For Hamsters That Fits Their Personality

The first thing you have to think of while getting a pet is a suitable name for them and when it comes to your new pet hamster, things can get a bit overwhelming with so many amazing names to choose from. We get a lot of searches for ‘cute hamster names, funny hamster names, good hamster […]

pet iguana

Pet Iguana: Pet with an Intimidating Look

The American iguana is a large, arboreal species of lizard. Iguanas are mostly herbivorous in nature and found in various geographical areas. They are native to southern Brazil and Paraguay, Mexico, and are very common throughout the island of Puerto Rico. On the island, they are commonly known as gallina de palo meaning chicken of […]