how to build a dog house

How To Build a Perfect Dog House?

Every dog needs their own space. We have our own houses where we enjoy ourselves.  In the same manner, even our dogs need their own houses. Having a pet at home is like having a small child. Dogs are choosy and emotional about their home and the place they live in. So why not build […]

Bernese Mountain Dog

Know All About the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain dog puppies are sturdy workers and large in size, whose height is 27 inches at the shoulder. Their silky, large, thick long coat is of tricolor with a combination of et black, rust, and clear white. There are different markings on their face, the coat is a  breed of hallmarks and there […]

puppy growth chart

Puppy Growth Chart: A Detailed Puppy Development Stage Guide

There is nothing more exciting than bringing a newborn puppy home! Anyone can be easily mesmerized by their tiny and cute look. After all, their small paws, silky soft ears, diminutive noses, and cute faces are extremely joyful to watch. It’s hard to imagine them getting any bigger than their current adorable puppy state; however, they […]

types of goat breeds

9 Best Goat Breeds: Perfect for Farming, Domestic Help, and as a Pet

If you plan to adopt or have a goat at your home as a pet, you must know their type or breed and understand their importance and benefits. Goat breeds were initially the first animal who was adopted and bred for farming. Only a few people know that different types of best goat breeds are […]

shikoku dog

Shikoku Dog: A Complete Informative Guide

Shikoku is one of the primitive dog breeds from Japan. They belong to the Kochi Mountain ranges situated in the Shikoku Island of Japan. Being a wild hunting dog, the breed is scarce to be seen. They are very rarely adopted and bred. Shikoku dog are rarely seen in their own countries too. Being a […]

spaniel breeds

Spaniel Breeds: 12 Different Dog Types

Why Is Spaniel Dogs So Famous? Spaniel dog breeds are fascinating and exciting, just like their names. Only a few people know that spaniel breeds were initially bred to be athletic and hunting dogs. Isn’t it interesting that all the dog breeds in the early years were bred as working dogs? f And I am […]

teacup pomeranian for sale

Teacup Pomeranian: Interesting Facts and Guide

Pomeranian dogs are the most recommended pet animals. They are so fluffy and adorable. All the Pomeranian types have made a special place in people’s hearts. Their features and behavioural pattern make them one of the most unique dog breeds today. Have you ever wondered how tiny a Pomeranian can be? Pomeranians can be as […]

different types of pitbulls

7+ Different Types of Pitbull – The Complete Informative Guide

We all have l heard about American Pitbull Terriers. Pitbull are very familiar and popular as working dogs. Pitbull is popularly known for its fighting skills and confident personality. Though they are often misunderstood as lazy dog breeds, in reality, they are very courageous, spontaneous, and very caring. Did you know how many types of […]

doodle breeds

Doodle Dog – Ultimate Breed Guide (History, Temperament, Health, and More!)

With a cute name and curly coat, it’s pretty obvious that anyone can easily fall in love with Doodle dogs! From Instagram to Youtube, this puppy can be seen everywhere. People from all over the world are gushing over a doodle puppy. Are you planning to adopt a doodle dog? Or just curious to know about […]

longest living dog breeds

Longest Living Dog Breeds – Smart, Worth as a Companion for Life!

One thing which I don’t like about dogs is, they say goodbye to their masters very soon. When we have to say goodbye to their pets, all dog owners feel as if it was yesterday, we got our dog home. Anyways, many such longest living dog breeds stay for a really longer age. There are […]