African Grey Parrot

A Brief Breed Info on African Grey Parrot – Your Lifetime Companion

When we talk about pets, it isn’t just a dog or cat. It can be any animal that can be domesticated. So here in this article, we are going to talk about one of the exotic pet that is loved by their owners all over the world. We know every owner loves their babies, but […]

Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat: A Pet That will Love You to the Moon and Back

Cats are god gifts, just like dogs. As dogs have different breeds, cats too have several breeds that you may not know about. One of them is a Siamese Cat. These cats are cutest and prettiest of all breeds. From their eye color to coat color, there is a unique charm adding to its beauty. Apart […]

Toy Dog Breeds

Some Of The Best Toy Dog Breeds To Get In Your Home

If you are a dog lover then you would be aware of the fact that there are so many varieties of dogs available and according to the preference you can, of course, choose the one that would be best for you. If you would look around then you would be able to find out that […]

Guinea Pig Cages

5 Guinea Pig Cages: A Guideline on Features for an Ideal Cage (Bonus)

Wanna have a guinea pig as a pet? Not at all surprising. Those cute little creatures have won many hearts. They can get you happy hour feel at home only. They are active little ones. So before you get them home, you will need to get a Guinea Pig House first. You can’t keep them […]

Benadryl For Dogs

Know Whether You Can Give Benadryl To Your Dog Or Not

Having a dog is more than just cuddle and training rather it is more about the love and care that should be from both sides. Since dogs can just love you unconditionally so you would have to make sure about the care part as well and so you would have to confirm that you care […]

Shiba Inu Dog

Thing That You Should Know Before Getting A Shiba Inu In Your Home

If you would look around then you would find out that dogs are the most loved as well as owned pets followed by cats and there are so many varieties of dogs that you would always find the perfect match for you. there are mainly three varieties of dogs such as guard dogs, hunter dogs, […]

Can Dogs Have Popcorn

Can Dogs Have Popcorn? Know it Today

Popcorn…the yummy snack which we love to eat is a favorite for dogs too. We love to eat it, especially when we are watching a movie (it doesn’t matter it is our home or it is the theatre). If you have a dog at your home then you might have noticed that he also joins […]

Persian Kittens

Personality Traits and Facts to Know About Persian Kittens

Thinking of having a cat as a pet? Not a bad idea though. In fact, it’s a great idea. Having a cat as a pet is in trend. Many celebrities stars own cats as a pet, from Hollywood to Bollywood everywhere.Now,  From Maine Coon to Burmese, every cat is considered as the best cat to […]

Halloween Pet Safety

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween Eve

The true spirit of festivity and fun is during Halloween celebration. The mention of the fest flooded with the best memories of hustle-bustle in the neighborhood, cute children dressed in spooky avatars for trick or treat custom, busy streets, sweet treats, masquerade parties, decorating yard into a haunted place and whatnot. In fun and celebration, […]

Catahoula Leopard Dog

A Comprehensive Information on Catahoula Leopard Dog

Did you know? Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is an American breed named after Catahoula Parish, Lousiana. The word Catahoula regained its existence from the word ‘Choctaw’ which means “Sacred Lake” as they were originated in northern Louisiana near Catahoula Lake. They were also known as Catahoula Curs, Catahoula leopard curs, Catahoula hounds, or Lousiana Catahoula. But […]