Rescue Dogs

Things To Know Before Getting A Rescue Puppy Home

Have you ever wondered about dogs that lost their home? This is worse for them because nowadays people though love a pet dog but used to show back to the one who has no home. The worst thing here is that the dog starts feeling scared and all the necessities lag behind so it starts […]

Facts About Rats

Some Facts About Rats And Methods Of Rat Care

Rats are often not considered as a good and clean animal as pets. In fact, a lot of people shudder at the very thought of seeing a rat anywhere near them. But rats are pretty much interesting creatures and we shall get to know some Facts About Rats as you further go on reading this […]

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere

Reason Why Dogs Follow Their Masters Everywhere

Ever wondered why your canine friend follows you almost everywhere? This is a common tendency by dogs to follow their masters everywhere which some find very affectionate while some may get irritated by tripping over their dogs always. Experts have come up with a term known as “Velcro Dogs’ which is given to exhibit this […]

Cat Behavior

Cat Behavior Myth Decoded

Felines are one of the most desired animals in many households because of their warm, tender and bewildering characteristics that they possess. However, a lot of people do not really like this particular animal because of its behavior. Cats are known to behave in a mysterious way which is not liked by many. However, these […]

Fish Bowl

5 Best Fish Bowl For Your Fishes

Keeping fish as a pet has been a new trend these days. It is inexpensive and convenient for all people especially working people who do not get a lot of time to look after their pets. It is also easier to feed and take care of them. Moreover, they come in various shapes and sizes […]

Dog Behaviour

Common Dog Behaviour Problems

Every dog owner has at some point or the other got vexed or annoyed at their canine fellow for exhibiting certain characteristics which they find aggressive or destructive but it is not always so. Scavenging and aggression happen to be the two most common Dog Problems. Some might also exhibit bad or destructive behavior which […]

Symptoms Of Diabetes In Dogs

Know About The Symptoms Of Diabetes In Dogs

Diabetes is a problem that every living being can suffer from and you would be shocked to know that even your dogs can suffer a lot from diabetes and diabetes is one such complication that itself doesn’t have any issue but it would make every organ suffer and organ failure can also happen which can […]

Traveling With Dogs

Guide For Traveling With Dogs: Pet Travel

A dog owner’s life is quite different from that of a person who doesn’t have a dog which is a true fact and this fact is actually applicable for all pet owners. People who have pet tend to live longer life that those who doesn’t have any pet and also at the same time they […]

What To Do When Your Dog Dies

Answers Of What To Do When Your Dog Dies?

Losing your pet is as saddening as losing your human friend and this can be very heartbreaking but you have to be strong. Now this is a fact that after a certain time your pet would die and you can to understand this thing and as soon as you would be able to understand this […]

Chinese Water Dragon

Fascinating Facts About Chinese Water Dragon

Now different people like having different pets around and if you are not among those who love cats and dogs but want to have something different than what people normally have as pets then you can check out Chinese water dragon and some of them mistake them with iguanas but the two animals are quite […]