types of pet food

Beneficial and affordable types of foods for your pet

A dog cannot enjoy food of various shapes, size, colors and flavors as we human do but the dogs have only a few varieties to choose from. No matter which pet food you give them but the main factor is that your dog is getting all of the dog’s nutritional needs. You will find five main type of pet food for your dog.

1) Kibble/Dry

type of pet food

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The only reason why many owners opt dry foods for their dogs is that it is the most economical type of commercial dog food. It does not need to be refrigerated because it itself lasts for a long time. Dry foods also help to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. Hence, when it comes to specific dry food, go through the ingredients given so that you can choose the best brand with all the ingredients.

2) Canned

type of pet food

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Dogs love canned or wet food. It is easy to find at your nearby supermarket but some of the product is expensive and even not contains all the nutrients which your pup needs.

3) Semi-moist

type of pet food

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Foods like burgers, pork chops or other meaty foods come under the semi-moist food. These foods contain the least nutrition and artificial colorings and flavors.

4) Home cooked

type of pet food

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Some dog owners take more care of their dog food than of their own. So they go for home cooked food because they want to give all the nutrition what they need. Apart from this, it is time consuming as well as not that much expensive and healthy too. Yes if give your dog home foods then they will never miss any vital nutrition.

5) Raw

type of pet food

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A raw diet means the food of raw meat. Some owners give their dog raw food, i.e., with some bone which is never cooked, only raw. Owners go for raw food because they provide natural sources like phosphorus and calcium.