Birds Laying Eggs

Things To Do If You Find Your Bird Laying Egg


If you are a bird lover and have a female bird in your home then there are certain things that you may need to know about her and bird eggs laying is one such thing that is a very important thing that every bird owner should know about. Like any female human birds also go through a process of ovulation where they do lay eggs which is not fertile and the process takes place way too often and if your bird is a hen then this would happen almost on a daily basis and it is completely natural and if the process would not happen then it is a matter of concern as this indicates poor health conditions of the bird.

Now, for laying an egg a female bird doesn’t actually need any male bird to be particular as the process can go on. The egg that female bird laid without fertilization would not hatch and it is kind of an ovulation process for the birds. The process of Birds Laying Eggs is as normal as the menstrual cycle of any female and this is a necessary thing as well. Only the fertilized egg can hatch and you can, of course, expect a baby bird in the egg. If your female bird is not laying eggs as she is supposed to then there are chances that she might be suffering from egg binding that is said to be a poor health condition of a bird.

Why Is Egg Binding Dangerous?

Birds Laying Eggs


Laying eggs is a part of nature which needs to be done by every bird but at times when the bird is not able to lay the egg that has already formed inside her body then the condition is called egg binding and the condition needs to be treated soon otherwise, that can turn into an unwanted inner infection in birds and your bird would keep on suffering and that can even cause death at the same time which is worst than anything.

The worst thing happens if the egg would break inside though if the abdominal area of the bird would be massaged then there are chances that the bird would be able to get the egg passed safely. In case an egg is still stuck then you would have to get help from a vet and get through medical procedures.

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What If The Egg Your Bird Has Laid Is Well Fertile?

Birds Laying Eggs


If by any chance you find that the egg your bird has laid has been fertilized by a male bird and if you wish to keep the baby bird then there are certain things that you have to keep in mind. Now you have to candle the egg to recognize whether the egg is actually fertilized now the color of the bird and types of the make the appearance of the egg a little difference, for example, the Blue Bird Eggs would be different from that of a hen’s egg but the process of handling the egg would help you a lot and through this process would be able to see certain things in the egg which can prove to be enough for determining whether the egg is fertilized or not.

Now the next thing that you can do is return the egg to the mommy bird so that she can do the Incubation Process but in case the mommy doesn’t sit on the egg then you can put the egg in an incubator which is easily available in a pet shop and soon after you would see that the egg would automatically hatch and a baby bird would come out of it. Bird Eggs, if kept with the mommy then they tend to be healthier otherwise the health of the baby bird can be a thing that needs extra care.

After the bird would arrive you would have taken special care for the baby and you have to be specific about the Birds Food as well and it would be great if you would let the baby be with the mommy as no one can take care of the baby bird as the mother bird can. Bird do grow up soon so it would not take much time for the baby bird to grow up and she would grow up, she would get adapted to your surroundings.

These were everything that you need to know about the birds laying eggs process and this is what you can do if your bird also lays eggs and for more such information you can browse through Petsnurturing.