cat not eating or drinking

Reasons Behind Why Your Cat Is Not Eating Or Drinking Like Before


Owning a pet is a great thing is you often feel lonely and within a few hours out pets become a very important member of the family. It really bothers us in case our pet is facing any problem or any health complication. It is truly very hard to see the pet in pain and uncomfortable for any reason. Here are few reasons why cat not eating or drinking:

Cats are the most popular pet that people love to adopt and accept worldwide but it is been observe in cats that the cat not eating for days or the usual eating habit or portion has been reducing by the cat itself. The reason behind this could be anything but this situation makes the cat really unhealthy so steps need to be taken. 


cat not eating or drinking


If your cat has stop eating for a while now then it can be a sign that your cat is not fit anymore rather it might be suffering from any kind of illness so it is really important for any cat owner to look that whether the cat is eating properly or not. There are a hell of a lot of health complications that may result in your cat not eating or drinking properly such as kidney failure, any infection which has taken place internally, intestinal complications and the most dangerous reason can be cancer.

But sometimes it can just be a toothache as well which is not letting the cat eat though it wants to have food. In this matter, a good vet can help you a lot by identifying the reason behind the cat not eating in the same way as it used to and you can get the treatment of the complication done as well to normalize the situation completely. For how long can a cat go without eating?

Recent vaccination:

cat not eating or drinking


Vaccination proves to be a lifesaver for all animals but they do have certain side effects. Which include loss of appetite is one of those side effects. Here you would notice that your cat might be ignoring food or water for a while. Right after coming from the current vaccination which might be because of the adverse reaction or result of shots. This condition though does not last for a very long period of time. Rather it is for a few hours or days and after that everything gets normal as usual.

Sometimes a change of surroundings can also be the reason which often happens. When you cat your cat for vacation and return after few days. This happens because of the strange and unfamiliar surroundings. That they face and also because they fail to be comfortable quickly in new places. This situation often gets normalize when they start adjusting like before again.

What happens when cat not eating?

cat not eating or drinking


Well because of the above reasons cats often refuse to eat though this refusal is the same for many animals. This proves to be most dangerous for cats. Cats are known for their freaking eating habits, it is common in them. That they can eat another meal right after finishing a meal. You might notice them taking from your food even after feeding them but there are times they go hungry. During this time they use the fat which is restore in the liver.

The fats restore in the liver are using after the protein supply of their body stops completely. This situation can make them extremely unhealthy and weight loss is common as well in this time. You would also observe that during this time your cat is falling sick. The immunity system does not work properly. Due to the overuse of liver fat, it is seen that many cats suffer from liver failure. This situation can lead to death as well.

These were few reasons why your cat is not eating or drinking over a long period of time. The best way to treat it is to know about the reason and try to solve the reason. Then automatically this problem would be resolve.