Halloween Pet Safety

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween Eve

The true spirit of festivity and fun is during Halloween celebration. The mention of the fest flooded with the best memories of hustle-bustle in the neighborhood, cute children dressed in spooky avatars for trick or treat custom, busy streets, sweet treats, masquerade parties, decorating yard into a haunted place and whatnot. In fun and celebration, […]

Why Do Cats Hate Water

A Final Verdict on Why Do Cats Hate Water

Cats have a bad reputation when it comes to bathing. It is believed that cats hate water. But have anyone ever wonder why is it so? Is it true? Maybe its just myth. We have seen many people asking around Why do Cats Hate Water? Firstly you should know that not all cats hate water. Some […]

Pregnant Cat

All You Need To Know About Pregnant Cat

A pregnant ruler will show both physical and identity changes which will turn out to be progressively obvious around three weeks in the wake of reproducing. You might wonder How Long Are Cats Pregnant, the answer is 60 to 67 days. You may choose that utilizing 63 days as a normal growth period is paramount […]

Symptoms Of Worms In Cats

Beware Of Symptoms Of Worms In Cats

Cats are affected by a lot of parasites and some of them especially the intestinal ones are commonly referred to as worms and they can wreak havoc on your cat and his system. They steal all of the nutrition from your cat and this can make your cat seriously sick as the parasites severely affect […]

Cats Drinking A Lot Of Water

Why My Cat Drinking A Lot Of Water?

As the climate heats up a cat’s water prerequisites normally increment. Be that as it may, cats are capable of concealing indications of disease and frequently it is truth be told, exceptionally inconspicuous changes in their conduct that are early pointers of genuine sicknesses. This can make it very hard to tell whether your cat […]

Dying Cat Symptoms

You Should Aware of Dying Cat Symptoms

Felines with a fatal infection can live for quite a long time or even at times years. Be that as it may, there comes when demise approaches. So Today at Pets Nurturing we shall be discussing some Dying Cat Symptoms. Source:cats.lovetoknow.com Also Read:  Why Your Cat Can’t Sleep At Night Do Felines Realize They Are […]

Cat Won't Sleep At Night

Why Your Cat Can’t Sleep At Night

Our feline companions are extremely popular for their lazy habits and even more for their sunbathing and sleepy schedules. It is also said that they spend almost half their day doing their favourite activity: sleeping! However, for various reasons, your cat may wake you up when you are sleeping or your cat may seem to […]

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Peeing In Your Bed By Ignoring The Litter Box

While having a pet is wonderful as you get a new companion and cats prove to be the best ever pets and they are also popular among many other pets. Unfortunately, there are several reasons that make any cat owner annoyed and the very common and most irritating reason is that cat pee on a […]

cat head shaking like parkinson's?

Is Your Cat Shaking His Head Like Parkinson’s? Here’s why

Is your cat head shaking like parkinson’s? Whenever there is a frequent shaking of the head in our cute feline friend, it is a matter of concern for us, which might look like the symptom of Parkinson’s disease in human beings. It can be related to various medical issues related to ears and other body […]