Reasons Behind Why Your Cat Is Not Eating Or Drinking Like Before

Owning a pet is a great thing is you often feel lonely and within a few hours out pets become a very important member of the family. It really bothers us in case our pet is facing any problem or any health complication. It is truly very hard to see the pet in pain and […]

cat allergy symptoms

The cat allergy symptoms you should be aware of

Cat allergy symptoms are extraordinarily common, occurring in up to 25 per cent of individuals with allergies. Cat hypersensitivity reaction is additional common than hypersensitivity reaction to dog dander, which can be associated with the efficiency of cat hair and dander as a substance likewise because of the undeniable fact that cats don’t seem to […]

Why Do Cats Purr?

We like to hear our cats purr. There is nothing higher than a cat curled on your lap happily, however, have you ever puzzled simply, ‘Why do cats purr?’   Source – As we know, humans smile, dogs wag their tails and cats purr. All human beings show their happiness in several ways. Therefore it […]

kidney disease in cats

5 Main Symptoms Of Kidney Failure In Cats

Pets come with lots of joy and excitement, by the time they enter our house they become an important part of our family that their small happenings and moves start bothering us. Just like this, it disturbs us a lot when we find out pets sick or suffering from any health-related issues. It is really […]

cat ear cleaner

Top 8 Brands Of Ear Cleaner For Your Healthy Cat

To keep your cat away from harmful infections you should always clean them on daily basis. To avoid future health complications many pet health experts consider ear cleaning. But the question is which ear cleaner is best, affordable and as well as best for your pet. Hence, here we have listed the best ear cleaners. […]