When Cats Go Missing

When Cats Go Missing

Cats are special creatures. Any cat owner or cat lover knows this to be true, as all cats are unique, complete with their personality traits, quirks, habits, and idiosyncrasies, much like we humans. But many are not aware that basically all domesticated house cats come from a common ancestor known as Felis Silvestris Lybica, which […]

Do Cats get Lonely

Know About Cat Loneliness And Depression

Cats are the most preferred pets over dogs because of one simple reason that is cats are said to be very independent and would rarely need anyone to stay happy rather they love being on their own playing and spending alone time without any interference but we wonder how much this statement is true because […]

How To Discipline A Kitten

Some Guidelines For How To Discipline A Kitten

You most likely have a real wish for your cat’s behaviour. On the off chance that it is intentionally doing something it shouldn’t do, you are presumably not amazed by it. Be that as it may, you might think about how to teach your cat some discipline. Bouncing over counters, biting on wires, peeing outside […]

Kitten Development

Things To Know About Kittens Development In Beginning

The immensely essential initial a month and a half in a feline’s life will do much in deciding his identity and character for whatever remains of his life. Healthwise, this period is likewise critical to the creating kitten, as extremely youthful cats are defenceless to various dangers, for example, insects and upper respiratory diseases. Source:infopointpolignanoamare.com […]

Things Only Cat Owners Understand

7 Things That Only Cat Owners Know Of

Cats have many characteristics that we all know and love: They’re cute, cuddly and incredibly judgmental. But there are also some things about cats that only cat owners can truly understand. Some of the things are totally gush-worthy like purring and some of the things are totally disgusting. Without giving proper potty training, they can […]

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Peeing In Your Bed By Ignoring The Litter Box

While having a pet is wonderful as you get a new companion and cats prove to be the best ever pets and they are also popular among many other pets. Unfortunately, there are several reasons that make any cat owner annoyed and the very common and most irritating reason is that cat pee on a […]

what to feed stray cats

Some Of The Best Options Of Food That You Can Feed To Your Stray Cats

Not all cats get a place in our home and that is the reason we get to see too many stray cats all around us and they are present in each section of the world. These cats mostly stay up hungry which make them hunt small animals such as birds, mouse and many other animals […]

cat training tips

Five Simple Yet Amazing Tricks To Train Your Cat

Cats are one of the most adopted pet around the world next to dogs and are so cute as well as adorable that you cannot resist loving them. They are very charming and active which makes them best companion for your babies. They can be your closest friend and are said to be as playful […]