Best Dog For Kids

The Ultimate Guide To Best Dogs For Kids

Dogs can actually be great for children: Not only are they are a great source of unconditional love, but they can also help teach responsibility and cooperation. When choosing a suitable dog for your family, consider the lifestyle and the ages of your children. Some breeds do have infinite patience while others can play endlessly […]

Best Small House Dogs

Most Popular Best Small House Dogs Breed

Small dogs are extremely popular for many reasons. First, they are considered to be portable, meaning they can fit in the little carriers and can go with you to various places. In general, they require little space and may even do well in cramped homes and¬†apartments. Most of all, the little ones are absolutely adorable. […]

Smartest Dog Breeds

A List Of The Smartest Canine Breeds

A smart dog may come in many forms and everyone desires to some extent that their dogs are smart and able to perform well under training. However, no matter how smart the dog is they need guidance and proper training in order to focus their smarts and put it to good use. ¬† Also […]

Australian Cattle Dog

Amazing Facts About The Australian Cattle Dog

This breed named as the Australian Cattle Dog very popular as an immensely intelligent and energetic dog. Along with this, it is a very sturdy breed of dogs that were developed or bred by the original Australian settlers who used them for the purpose of handling herds of cattle, especially on huge and sprawling ranches […]

Running Dog Breeds

All You Need To Know About Running Dog Breeds

Dogs are actually the perfect running partners to take with you if you are a fitness freak or an athlete or simply love to lead an active life. They’re always ready for activity or exercise and this never says no to keeping you company. Rarely do they complain about being tired unless they are old […]

Utonagan breed

The Utonagan Breed And Its Quirks

The Utonagan breed is one of the rarest breeds of dog that was originally created by multiple crossing the Siberian Husky breed or the Alaskan Malamutes and also the German Shepherd. After its introduction into the UK during or after the late 1980s, the Utonagan breed has not yet been able to gain too wide […]

Jack Russell Terrier

The Inside Scoop Of The Jack Russell Terrier Breed

The Jack Russell terrier is a small dog that originated for fox hunting purposes originally. It is mainly white coloured although the coat can be rough smooth or broken. This breed also has the nickname of JRT. This breed originated in England. The Jack Russell terrier has a size roughly equal to 8-12 inches. They […]

Dapple Dachshund

Amazing Facts About The Dapple Dachshund

Today at Pets Nurturing we are here to give you some amazing facts about this cute breed and to provide you with the complete guide for this breed of dogs if you are intending to buy a dog or adopt one anytime. The Dapple Dachshund breed is very similar to a normal dachshund but they […]

Pointer dog breed

All You Need To Know About The Pointer Dogs

Known to the fluff ball of energy, the Pointer dog breed expresses grace and canine power wonderfully. The breed has originated in England. It is a dog which can be recognized very easily because of its appearance which has a purpose to fulfil. These dogs have large heads and accurately pointed tail which has been […]

Shih Tzu puppies

Everything You Need To Know To Adopt A Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu puppies are toy-like in their appearance and are very energetic and lively. This also means that they need to be trained and handled delicately to bring them up as well behaved and good mannered companions that you need. Today we, the Pets Nurturing are going to provide you with all Shih Tzu […]