Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

Top 8 Cute Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

Dogs are loved by all and you would be amazed to know that dogs are the second most adopted pet followed by cats. There are so many different varieties of dogs that you can have as your pet and this is so amazing to know that different dog breed is suitable for different personality so […]

Alaskan Klee Kai

Fascinating Facts About Alaskan Klee Kai

The Alaskan Klee Kai is a rare breed of dog that somewhat resembles the Alaskan Husky that is mostly found in the northern heritage. Their name “Klee Kai” itself means “small dogs.” These are small to relatively medium sized dogs and are known to be quite energetic and intelligent among other breeds. This breed of […]

Wolfdog Facts

Wolfdog Facts- Can The Wild Be Tamed

There have been countless debates regarding wolfdog hybrids, how safe they are and is it after all a good idea to breed or pet them. A wolfdog is a canine that is produced when a domestic dog mates with a grey wolf, eastern timber wolf, red wolf, or Ethiopian wolf. Here at Pets Nurturing, we […]

Best Pets For Seniors

8 Best Dog Pet For Senior Citizen People

A large number of senior citizen people prefer to keep a companion, preferably a dog pet, during their old age and it is found to be beneficial also to keep a pet in the house. In case you or a friend or any relative is in assisted living and needs to have a pet, these […]

Polar Bear Dog Breed

5 Dog Breeds That Look Like Polar Bear

While dog lovers will in generals like dogs of every size and shape, they also love to cuddle and pet with the various breeds that they meet out in the city, on the roads. numerous individuals are somewhat shocked at the unforeseen sight of extensive dog breeds, some of which look fearsome and honourable and […]

Best Dogs Instagram

The Best Of Dogs On Instagram

Cats might be the informal mascots of the interwebs, yet man’s best friends are beginning to assert some domination on the internet and especially Instagram. Dogs everywhere throughout the globe are becoming famous through their very own Instagrams, we all know their owner is operating them but it’s fun to believe that the dogs own […]

best dog breeds for seniors

What Is The Best Dog Breed For Senior Citizens

Moving into assisted living does not mean you need to surrender the advantages of the fuzzy companionship. With the expanding quantities of pet-accommodating assisted living networks, which perceive the positive results that can be presented by dog ownership, more seniors than any other time in recent memory can keep their long-term partners with them in […]

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Top 14 Most Loyal Dog Breeds List

Dogs are mans best friend, however, friendship takes various shapes. A few dogs don’t seem to know, or care, who encourages them and strolls them, becoming hopelessly careless with whoever takes them on a stroll. But not all breeds. The dogs in this list are completely faithful to their masters So today at Pets Nurturing […]

Long Haired Chihuahua

Some Information About Long Haired Chihuahua

Long haired chihuahuas are the cutest of the dogs out there, but mind you, they are high maintenance. Now don’t be startled, it is nothing you cannot manage. The distinctive feature of these dogs, unlike a regular Chihuahua, is their long hair, found mainly around their necks, ears, legs, and tails. Although these dogs are […]

South African Boerboel

The Majestic South African Boerboel And Its Importance

Boerboel, subsequently, deciphers as either “rancher’s pooch” or “Boer’s canine” and ought to be articulated to some degree like “boo-r-bull.” The Boerboel is the main South African puppy breed made to shield the property. So today at Pets Nurturing we shall talk about the South African Boerboel. Also Read:  Some Facts About Leonberger Dog […]