most expensive dog

Know The Most Expensive Breeds Of Dogs

A dog is not only a member of a family but is also the best companion for the humans. Some even wish to pay thousands of dollars for their favorite breed. So before you bring a four-legged friend to your shelter you should always consider the list of the investment you have to do after […]

Beagle information

Interesting Facts About Beagle: The Family Dog

Beagle is a best companion for kids. These small in size puppies are hardy and compact, and fun loving but sometimes you can even see them very stubborn. Hence, you are required to have patience while giving them creative training techniques. And the strange part is they never get happier after smelling an interesting scent. […]

German Shephered Dogs

Interesting Facts about German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd Dogs are one of the amazing dog breeds in the world. This smart and intelligent dogs can be used for various purposes, as they can adapt anything after five repetitions. Some German Shepherds are also known as Panda Shepherd for their color combination. This courageous, active and intelligent dog can make anybody worried […]

bulldog information

Know The Facts About An English Bulldog

The English bulldog pooches are very peppy but on the same hand, after they grow up they become very phlegmatic. Adult bulldog breeds love snoring full day on the sofa. So definitely they need exercise to stay fit. They are not a barking bulldog but their serious teasing can make anyone afraid. So before you […]

Types of dog breeds

The Site Which Will Connect You With All Types Of Dog Breeds

When it comes to the dog, it is very difficult to pick any one types of dog breeds. For 100 percent sure, each and every dog lover has lots of favorite dog breeds of them, so choosing anyone will never be satisfying. Every single dog deserves a title of a man’s best friend. These pooches […]