Dog Food Allergies

How to Treat Dog Food Allergies on a Budget

From Christmas all through to the New Year, there will be plenty of merry-making with family and friends. As the pet parent, you have to be vigilant about what your dog eats to prevent him from contracting dog food allergies symptoms. Spoiling our pets is in our DNA. We do not mind sharing that roast turkey […]

best dog food for allergies

Best Dog Food for Allergies: Check Out Them Here

We love our pet dog. Whenever he/she is ill, we feel empathetic. When they are loud and happy, the whole house seems to be alive. Many times, our pet is allergic to certain food items, and when they consume that item, an allergic reaction occurs. The reaction may be on their skin in the form […]

best joint supplement for dogs

5 Best Joint Supplement for Dogs!

Dogs are known as one of the most active pets and companions you can have. Exceptional breeds are inactive or lazy, but they perform actively in emergencies or when something goes wrong.  However, at times, we forget that they are living beings and even the age and they too need attention when they are not […]

can dogs eat mushrooms

Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are a muddled nutrition type. These consumable organisms are a staple in numerous dishes and fill wild in our yards, gardens, and stops, but we hear endless anecdotes about mushroom searching turned out badly. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about Doggies? Will dogs eat mushrooms? Do they have similar responses to mushrooms […]

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? (Health Benefits and Three Snack Ideas Included!)

The summer is horrifying for everyone, be it your doggy or yourselves. What keeps your temper at bay on this hot sunny day? A cold drink or watermelon. Right? So we humans can treat the heat with many things, but what about dogs? Do they have substitutes for working off the heat? With all these […]

can dogs eat cherries

Can Dogs Eat Cherries? Is It Safe? (Answered With Alternatives)

Is your dog making those cute and irresistible faces to have cherries? Most of them do that! Just like you, I also had this doubt, ‘Can dogs eat cherries?’ I used to check every single thing before feeding it. I read somewhere the dog food is the healthiest food for a pup. However, every dog […]

Worst Dog Food

What is the Worst Dog Food Out There?

TheDogDigest can teach you how to recognize the worst dog food. If you’re a dog parent or you’re considering becoming one, you can’t be careful enough about what you feed your baby. Your pooch may be willing to munch on anything that comes their way. But that doesn’t mean you should let them.  There are so […]

best dog food for sensitive stomach

Which Are The Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach? (Give Relief To Your Pooch)

Is your dog suffering from stomach issues lately? Does that happen after every meal? There are chances your dog isn’t able to digest that food or particle. Just like humans, dogs also have a sensitive stomach, which isn’t specified through breeds. As the culprit of many dogs with a sensitive stomach is found in the dog’s […]

can dogs eat ice cream

Can Dogs Have Ice-cream? Clear Your Confusion Today

Pet owners are worry about their pet’s health and they always take preventive measures to ensure that the pet’s health doesn’t deteriorate, it is really good and this practice should be follow to maintain the health of the pets. Can dogs eat ice cream? Ice-cream is a treat that every human loves to have. Dog […]

Dietary Supplements

Benefits Of Letting Your Pets Take Dietary Supplements

As a fur parent, the last thing you’d want to see is your pet becoming sick. Unfortunately, your pet cat, dog, or goldfish isn’t immune to illnesses, even if you give your animal companion lots of love and compassion, and are getting enough exercise. But, you can supplement your pet’s healthy lifestyle by giving them […]