Is coconut oil good for your dog?

When it involves nutrition trends for humans, coconut oil is at the priority of the list—however, specialists have discovered that as a result of coconut oil is high in saturated fats, it may increase the chance of heart condition.But what about your dogs! Can dogs eat coconut oil? Holistic vets suggest coconut oil to enhance […]

can dogs eat strawberries

Strawberries and your dog!

Many dog owners have a frequent question like – can dogs eat strawberries?So, here is the answer to whether or not can dogs eat strawberries. Warm we tend together implies that contemporary fruits and vegetable are in abundance and even as we area unit incorporating them into our diet, we will incorporate those in our […]

All You Need To Know About Grain Free Dog Food

Pets come with love and dogs are one of the most loved pets that people adopt followed by cats. Just adopting a pet is not everything; pets come with responsibilities as well and animal’s health also depends upon how healthy they eat just like human beings so being a good owner you would always want […]

Dog food recall 2018

When you pay cash on pet food for your canine companion, you wish to understand that the merchandise you have got chosen is safe for him to eat. Most high-quality pet food brands follow strict standards of safety and quality once it involves the manufacture of their merchandise, however, mistakes do happen. Once they do, […]

choosing the right dog food

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Dog Food

If you are a crazy dog lover then you might have spend lots of your precious time in searching for the best dog food for your pet. Maybe you have come across many of them but it does not mean that all of those have attracted you. You want something which will fill your pooch […]

homemade dog treats recipes 2

Simple And Fast Homemade Dog Treats Recipes

If you are looking for some simple homemade dog treats recipes then you are at the right place. As I am a terrible cook so I had lots of recipes with me. Today, I will be sharing a few of them with you people so that you can give them what they want. Every weekend […]

homemade dog food

Best Homemade Food For Your Healthy Dog

You will find numerous reasons to make homemade dog food instead of buying it from the market. The very first thing is the control. You have full control of what ingredient you will us in the food. If your dogs are suffering from any kinds of allergies or are very sensitive regarding any type of […]

types of pet food

Beneficial and affordable types of foods for your pet

A dog cannot enjoy food of various shapes, size, colors and flavors as we human do but the dogs have only a few varieties to choose from. No matter which pet food you give them but the main factor is that your dog is getting all of the dog’s nutritional needs. You will find five […]