Free Puppies

Everything That You Need To Know About Free Puppies

Being a dog lover you might always have wondered, where can I find free puppies? Reasons can be anything but everyone would love to have free puppies in the house and it is always better to get puppies for free rather than getting them from selling shops. We are not saying that getting a puppy with […]

Dog Birthday Celebration

Some Ideas About Dog Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebrations are fun, aren’t they? It is not just the celebration but the whole process that leads up to it. Planning for the perfect theme, getting the gifts, baking the cake, inviting people over, setting the place, doing the décor; all these things add a certain kind of thrill to the party. Now, planning […]

New York Pet Fashion Show

Highlights About New York Pet Fashion Show 2019

From feasting set folder cases (expresses gratitude toward Brandon Maxwell) to Bella’s Big Dress Energy, New York design week is as of now turning out to be greater and superior to last season. In any case, in our every minute of the everyday universe of Instagram, close by the assault of perpetual political new, maybe […]

Professional Dog Photographers

The Inside Scoop On Professional Dog Photographers

All of us spend considerable time (and phone memory space) to photograph our canine and feline companions and their various moods. However, there are a few professionals who take these photography sessions to the next level. Professional Dog Photographers take the common woofs and lazy feline stretches and make it into a work of art. […]

wire haired dog

All About The Grooming Of Wire Haired Dog Breeds

Do you own a wire haired dog, too? If yes, you must be confused about how to hand strip his hair and groom him, which is quite a difficult task to do. But don’t worry as Pets Nurturing is here to help you by breaking down the task into simple steps and making everything easier for […]

dog bath frequency

The dog bath frequency facts

If your dog had time to create out an inventory of his least favourite things to try to, obtaining a shower would in all probability be on the brink of the highest. Since dog baths tend to be mussy, long and not an entire heap of fun for everybody concerned, it is natural to marvel, […]

tip dog groomer

5 Essential Dog Groomer Tips To Follow

The first question which comes in the mind a pet owner is ‘will they able to tipping the groomer?’ It is not a job which is reputed but you need lots of patience and love for your dog. It does not ask for money but if you will give tip to them then it will […]

dog grooming technique

Knowing dog grooming techniques are very important for dog owners

If you are a dog lover and have a dog in your house then knowing dog grooming technique is very important. If you are not sure whether you have completed this task successfully or not then you should learn how to do it. Learning dog grooming is not like a rocket science and you just […]