dried dead tick on dog

How To Remove a Dried Dead Tick on a Dog in 4 Steps!

Is your dog behaving differently?  There are high chances that maybe he’s suffering from ticks! To be more accurate and confirmed, check whether your dog has these signs or not:  Your dog has a mild or high-grade fever. If your dog is excessively nipping or licking at a particular spot. Your dog is constantly shaking his […]

dog panting at night

Why My Dog Panting at Night? Know the Reasons and Causes

We all picture a very happy or tired dog, breathing rapidly with their tongue hanging out when we hear the word panting. But have you ever wondered why dogs pant? And what exactly is panting?Let’s get to know it a little better. All warm-blooded mammals (including us) maintain their body temperature in sync with the […]

Veterinary Holistic Treatments

Understanding Veterinary Holistic Treatments

We value our animals as family members, and we often love them as if they’re children – let’s be honest, for many of us, they practically are. It’s only natural that we want the best for our family, and we want our pets to have the happiest, healthiest lives they can possibly lead. Let’s see Veterinary […]

Disability Insurance

What Is Disability Insurance for Veterinarians?

Health insurance is typically a given, and most people do it several times throughout their lives. As a veterinarian, you have the necessary skills and experience to care for and treat animals. However, if something happens to you, you may be unable to work due to a severe illness or injury.  But when it comes […]

Keep Your Pup Warm

5 Ways to Keep Your Pup Warm in Cold Weather

When temperatures drop, your dog is often the first one to notice. While they may love jumping on the snow and are fascinated by the snowfall, they can experience some discomfort without proper care. In fact, even a simple winter walk can become dangerous. For example, most anti-freeze liquids poured on the sidewalks are toxic to […]

veterinarians do dental work

Do Veterinarians Do Dental Work

Yes, the veterinarians’ responsibilities do include dental work as well. Pet dentistry has everything from teeth cleaning and adjustment to extractions and other oral health care procedures. Today we see do veterinarians do dental work or not?These procedures should be performed by a veterinarian or a board-certified veterinary dentist. Veterinary technicians can perform specific dental […]

Dog Dental Care

Basic Dog Dental Care Tips for Bad Breath and Oral Hygiene

Dogs are our best friends and family. You do not need to be a dog owner to know how adorable and lovable they are. Thus, when it comes to their health, you cannot risk it. We do take care of their body. From their gut to their paws, but we often forget to take good […]

Animal Medicines

The New Pet Parent’s Guide to Animal Medicines

Pets. They make gloomy days bright and bright days even brighter. There’s nothing like hearing excited tippy tappers rushing to the door to give you smooches after a long day at work or school. Oh, and don’t get me to start on those heart-warming wiggly tails and soul-healing purrs. However, caring for a pet isn’t […]

how to make a dog throw up

How to Make a Dog Throw Up At Home Safely

Has your dog eaten or swallowed something poisonous or dangerous? This happens with many dog-owners that while playing, their puppies usually drink or eat something that they shouldn’t have, such as a human medication, plastic toys, your other pet’s medication, or chocolate or raisins, which are very harmful to a dog’s health.  In such a […]

torn ACL in dogs

Treating Torn ACL in Dogs: Get to Know about it

We all know that dogs’ limbs are always in action as they are one of the most active animals. Their repetitive use of legs can cause several health issues. These problems or injuries are most common in giant and tall dogs. Torn ACL in dogs is one such common issue that affects dogs’ limbs. This […]