how long can dogs hold their pee

How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Pee? Here’s the Truth!

Have you recently become dog parents? Having a pet is a big responsibility. There are so many things to keep in mind, like their food, diet, exercise, and activity routine. Simply having a pet in your family means you have to follow a schedule. And if you’re a working man or woman, you must track […]

best cheap pet insurance

Best Cheap Pet Insurance Suitable for Your Pet

There has been a growth in the number of people getting health insurance for their dogs due to the rising expense of veterinary care. It makes it simple to rectify any errors that may occur. But before you rush in and choose the lowest plan, consider this: some of the cheapest plans won’t cover anything […]

Pet Insurance

Best Methods for Comparing Pet Insurance Rates

The primary function of pet insurance is to provide financial protection against the cost of veterinary care if your furry (or not-furry) friend becomes injured or ill and requires hospitalization. Depending on the policy and its level of coverage, the best pet insurance may also protect you from financial loss if your pet causes an […]

pets vaccination

Pets Vaccination: Why It Is Important for Your Pets

Preventing dangerous infections like rabies and Lyme disease in your cat or dog is easy with the proper vaccinations. Dog vaccinations are necessary if you want to keep them healthy and safe. If you’ve just purchased a new pet, you’ll want to ensure it has all of the essential vaccinations. Vaccinations for Your Dog or […]

Small Breed Dogs

Proper Care of Small Breed Dogs

Being a fur parent is not unusual for most of us. Whether we prefer cats or dogs, taking care of animals is something we all have in common. Being a man’s best friend, many choose to take care of dogs and enjoy their company. Small breed dogs are the most common type of domestic pet. […]

laser therapy for dogs

What Do You Need to Know About Laser Therapy for Dogs

Can you bear your pet in pain? Of course not. If your pet is experiencing pain or discomfort, it should be important for you to relieve it from distress. Laser therapy is an innovative technique. It is a pain-free, drug-free, and surgery-free treatment. It helps reduce pain by producing endorphins that enhance the injured cells […]

Dog Breathing Heavy

Why Is My Dog Breathing Heavy? What Should I Do?

It is obvious that you’ll be concerned about your dog breathing heavy and fast. You’ll have hundreds of questions running around your mind, weird scenarios coming up, and much more. However, you should be calm and gather the information first. You need to understand the breathing pattern of your baby dog. No matter how old your […]

Common Pet Issues

Common Pet Issues That Might Land You In The Vet

Most pets try to mask any signs of illness. They use this instinct to protect themselves from predators until they recover. But don’t worry, your pet is safe in your home; this statement highlights the need for you to pay attention to any symptoms of illness and help them seek treatment from the vet. Sitting at […]

Ways To Honor Your Deceased Pet

3 Meaningful Ways To Honor Your Deceased Pet

Not a single pet owner can ever truly prepare for the pain of losing their furry companion. Whether the pet met an accident or died due to old age, saying goodbye to a pet can be one of the most painful moments a loving person can ever experience. While they’ll always have valuable memories of […]

dried dead tick on dog

How To Remove a Dried Dead Tick on a Dog in 4 Steps!

Is your dog behaving differently?  There are high chances that maybe he’s suffering from ticks! To be more accurate and confirmed, check whether your dog has these signs or not:  Your dog has a mild or high-grade fever. If your dog is excessively nipping or licking at a particular spot. Your dog is constantly shaking his […]