canine coronavirus

What is Canine Coronavirus: Its Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment 

There has been a lot of talk across the globe about coronavirus. And there is a reason for that. It is one of the most deadly diseases that has become viral which is affecting thousands of people around the world. The spreading source is China, and from there, it is now spreading globally. This virus […]

Take Your Dog To The Vet

How Often Should You Take Your Dog To The Vet?

Parasites, allergies, infections, vaccinations – there are many reasons why it’s important to take your dog to the vet regularly. Although picking a vet and choosing to take your dog once a month might require a bit of extra effort, we know it will definitely be worthwhile once you see how healthy and happy your […]

elbow dysplasia treatment by doctor to dogs

A Health Guide on Elbow Dysplasia in Dogs

Is your dog stumbling very often nowadays? That isn’t any normal behavior, nor it is misbehaving. This can be a skeletal issue, elbow dysplasia. So here in this blog, I will give you details about the elbow dysplasia in dogs.The article contains detailed information on the issue, starting with its meaning, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, […]

when do puppies open their eyes

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes? Brief Explanation With The Relieving Answer

Your dog just delivered the pack of little puppies and they all are sleeping peacefully. And this will surely make your eyes watery. Such an emotional moment. But you will panic when puppies won’t open eyes even after two days. And you will search questions like: When do puppies open their eyes? Why aren’t they […]

How to Take Care of Dog in Winter

10 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Dog in Winter

Winters are at the door; you are all prepared to save yourself from the chilly temperature outside, but what about your dog? Do you think it is well prepared too? Have you considered saving that little creature (okay, a big creature too!) from the chilling atmosphere of winter. Like you need to revise your diet […]

Dog Sneezing

Know The Reason Behind Your Dog Sneezing

Having a pet is more than fun as it is a big responsibility and some so many people have pets and so there is question-related to their health and behavior. Have you ever noticed your dog sneezing? Well, the dog keeps sneezing and this is very common just like other animals but sometimes this can […]

Dental Tips For Dogs

Dental Tips For Dogs

Did you know that your dog’s mouth requires daily attention just as yours does? Oral hygiene is a critical factor in your pooch’s overall health. Minor dental problems can progress into periodontal (gum) disease which, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss and serious life-threatening infections of the heart, kidney or liver. About 85% […]

Benadryl For Dogs

Know Whether You Can Give Benadryl To Your Dog Or Not

Having a dog is more than just cuddle and training rather it is more about the love and care that should be from both sides. Since dogs can just love you unconditionally so you would have to make sure about the care part as well and so you would have to confirm that you care […]

Halloween Pet Safety

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween Eve

The true spirit of festivity and fun is during Halloween celebration. The mention of the fest flooded with the best memories of hustle-bustle in the neighborhood, cute children dressed in spooky avatars for trick or treat custom, busy streets, sweet treats, masquerade parties, decorating yard into a haunted place and whatnot. In fun and celebration, […]

Teacup Dog Healthcare

Teacup Dog to be Handle With Care

A dog is not just a mere pet but becomes a friend and the family. Life changes for better when a puppy enters your life. With the world, where everything is becoming small in size so as the dog. In the show “Simple Life” Paris Hilton has introduced her pet to the world and after […]