Pet Parents

How to Care for a New Puppy: A Guide for First Time Pet Parents

The bundle of joy that is puppies makes everyone want to have one. While there is a lot of joy, happiness, and love waiting, there is also a lot of responsibilities you need to think about. Caring for a newborn puppy is similar to caring for a human child. Both are heavily dependent, cannot convey their […]

best dog dental chews

9 Best Dog Dental Chews for Your Dogs: A Complete Guide!

Just like we humans, even our dogs need dental care for their oral health. When we talk about oral health, it includes everything, right from their diet to what bone they eat. I make sure as a dog owner to choose the best dog dental chews for my dog. Dogs are active as living beings, but […]

best flea medicine for dogs

Which Are The Best Flea Treatment For Dogs? (9 Vet-verified Meds)

Whether you have just got the dog as a pet or had it for months. Taking care is a must, and now is always the best time to start. You won’t want your pup to get scratching all over and feel itchy. Right? The fleas in dogs can really be dangerous for your dog. Yes! […]

homemade dog toothpaste

How to Make Homemade Dog Toothpaste

Why Is It Necessary for the Dental Care of Your Dogs? Dental care and hygiene are not just essential for humans but also for animals. Taking care of dental hygiene is an integral part of body hygiene. You can lose all your teeth and damage your gums and nerves. Let’s see how to make homemade […]

melatonin for dogs

Melatonin for Dogs: Get an Overview About It

Melatonin is a hormone primarily release by the pineal gland that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. It is a naturally occurring hormone that both humans and dogs produce. As mention before, it’s produce in the pineal gland and also helps our bodies to normalize our sleep schedule. To some extent, it also helps in regulating our […]

Dog Fall Asleep Fast

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Dog Fall Asleep Fast

Are you facing difficulty in making your dog asleep? There are many reasons that keep humans awake a night, and honestly, we can find a solution on our own. But what about dogs? It isn’t going to surf the internet on how to sleep fast. Do you know there are many similarities in raising a […]

dog lymphoma

Lymphoma in Dogs: Detailed Guide + Answer on When to Euthanize

I don’t know how to contemplate this feeling. I had always wanted to stay away from this topic. It’s pretty depressing. By god’s grace, none of my dogs have been diagnosed with lymphoma. There are many diseases out there that affect a dog’s health. However, nothing is incurable. Within a week or two, it will […]

dog eye infection

Eye Infection in Dogs – Types, Symptoms, Causes, And Prevention!

Does your dog keep scratching his eyes these days? Do you notice that his eyes are constantly red, and sometimes discharge comes out from their eyes? If your answer is yes, then there are chances that your furry friend is suffering from an eye infection. Yes, just like humans, they can too are prone to eye […]

hot spot on dogs

Knowhow on Treatment of Warning Signs Of Hot Spot On Dogs

Pet love is an unusual finding noticed among individuals. With deep search, there will be a few who care and deliver the best solutions for their beloved canine friends. Here, elaborating the fact that the pet owners cannot tolerate the sufferings of their pet dogs. Whenever pet lovers identify unusual skin eruptions on the surface […]