Pug information

4 Vital Facts To Know About A PUG

A Pug is also known by the name Dutch Mastiff, Chinese Pug and Dutch Bulldog. The Pug is one of the old breeds and comes back from about 2400 years ago. As it is one of the most familiar among the dog lovers, let’s discuss Pug information in detail as stated below. Personality: Source – wikimedia.org […]

turmeric for dogs

Know The Turmeric Benefits To Give Your Pooch A New Life

Do you know, sitting inside your kitchen is a secret of longevity of your dog’s life? A common kitchen ingredient which you use every day is proven to boost your pooch healthy. And that golden ingredient is – the Turmeric. The turmeric is a well-known product in Ayurveda too, in the same way, it not […]

pet cancer

Your ‘Dog’ and ‘Pet Cancer’

If your dog is over the age of 10 then he can be a victim of pet cancer. But according to the experts, half of the cancers are curable if caught earlier.  Therefore, given below are the details regarding cancer in dogs. Types of Cancer in Dogs: Source – wagwalkingweb.com As we see in the humans, […]

monsoon food

A proper monsoon food for your dog is essential for his health

In the monsoon season, it is very hard to keep your pet free from fungal infection, stomach disorders, allergies and fur loss issues. Maybe you are tired to keep them hygienic in monsoons, but it is important to complete the task. The habit of licking himself is an indication of how well your dog is […]