pet parenting

Pet Parenting Style: Defining Your Dog’s Behaviour

You can see vast interaction between dogs and their owners. It is because of their parenting style. Some of the owners are very attentive while on the other hand, some will rarely pay attention to their dogs. They may be busy reading a book, or talking on their phone, or by spending their time under […]

pet cancer

Your ‘Dog’ and ‘Pet Cancer’

If your dog is over the age of 10 then he can be a victim of pet cancer. But according to the experts, half of the cancers are curable if caught earlier.  Therefore, given below are the details regarding cancer in dogs. Types of Cancer in Dogs: Source – As we see in the humans, […]

bulldog information

Know The Facts About An English Bulldog

The English bulldog pooches are very peppy but on the same hand, after they grow up they become very phlegmatic. Adult bulldog breeds love snoring full day on the sofa. So definitely they need exercise to stay fit. They are not a barking bulldog but their serious teasing can make anyone afraid. So before you […]

dog activities

The Indoor Activities To Make Your Dog Learn New Skills

For some of the naughty dog owners, it is really very hard to keep their pooch busy. On the other hand, for some keeping your doggies entertain is more challenging than following indoor activities. Those owners are fed up by trying new ideas on how to keep their doggy busy so that they can be […]

Types of dog breeds

The Site Which Will Connect You With All Types Of Dog Breeds

When it comes to the dog, it is very difficult to pick any one types of dog breeds. For 100 percent sure, each and every dog lover has lots of favorite dog breeds of them, so choosing anyone will never be satisfying. Every single dog deserves a title of a man’s best friend. These pooches […]

monsoon food

A proper monsoon food for your dog is essential for his health

In the monsoon season, it is very hard to keep your pet free from fungal infection, stomach disorders, allergies and fur loss issues. Maybe you are tired to keep them hygienic in monsoons, but it is important to complete the task. The habit of licking himself is an indication of how well your dog is […]

dog grooming technique

Knowing dog grooming techniques are very important for dog owners

If you are a dog lover and have a dog in your house then knowing dog grooming technique is very important. If you are not sure whether you have completed this task successfully or not then you should learn how to do it. Learning dog grooming is not like a rocket science and you just […]

types of pet food

Beneficial and affordable types of foods for your pet

A dog cannot enjoy food of various shapes, size, colors and flavors as we human do but the dogs have only a few varieties to choose from. No matter which pet food you give them but the main factor is that your dog is getting all of the dog’s nutritional needs. You will find five […]

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