How Much CBD Oil Should You Give to Your Pets?


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have more than likely heard about CBD. It has been claim that this item can treat a host of ailments. Including pain, inflammation, and anxiety, among others. Humans have use it for a while. But now it has been found that CBD oil for pets can also be beneficial. 

CBD treats the same ailments for pets as it does for humans. It is being use to take care of arthritis, anxiety, and inflammation in pets, allowing them to live their best life possible. The initial reason for the burgeoning popularity of CBD oil for pets. It’s because it doesn’t have a lot of harmful side effects that other medications can have. This makes it a safer alternative for your pet.

When it comes to giving this treatment to your pet. You need to make sure you are giving them the right dose. Directions on dosage vary with some places recommending. That you dose by weight, while others say you should dose by ailment. Knowing which one is right can be confusing. 

Dosing by Weight Isn’t Always Effective

The first thing you need to consider when getting your pet CBD oil is that it needs to be organic. This ensures that there are no add elements that can be harmful to your pet. You’ll also need to see how the CBD was process, as this can have an impact on the oil’s quality. 

Once you have found a brand that is natural and of good quality, you’ll then need to administer it to your pet. How effective the CBD oil is for your pet will depend on their ailment and how sensitive their endocannabinoid system is. Every animal is different (just like humans), and how they react to medications will vary.


Source: cbsistatic.com

It is recommend that you start with the lowest dose possible and see how your pet reacts. You can increase the dosage incrementally to see what kind of impact it has on your pet. The one nice thing about this product is that you can’t overdose your pet on CBD. However, it can make them overly tired or give them diarrhea. If you notice these issues, you’ll need to cut back on the dosage.

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Consider the Ailment

In addition to starting low and increasing the dose incrementally, you’ll also need to consider what ailment you are trying to treat. If you are helping your beloved pet with anxiety due to specific situations, such as storms, travel, or noise, it may take more CBD oil for pets to help them calm down. It’s better that you start with a low dose, then wait 15 to 20 minutes to see how they react. If they are still anxious, you can consider giving them another small dose.

If you are treating arthritis pain or inflammation from an injury, again, it is recommend that you start with a low dose and see how your pet reacts. It’s advise that you monitor your pet for 1 to 2 weeks, and if you don’t notice any differences, then you can increase the dose.


Source: kidsinthehouse.com

Your pet can’t tell you how they are feeling, but you know your pet better, so you’ll be able to tell when the CBD oil is helping and when your pet needs more. Start with a low dose and build incrementally. You will find the right amount that will keep your pet calm or help reduce their pain, and then you can give them that amount often to help them feel better.