arthropods characteristics 2

Characteristic, Types As Well As Few General Information About Arthropods


arthropods characteristics 2

An animal that has an external skeleton is term arthropods, they are invertebrate creatures. Who are often classified with joint appendages as well as segment bodies. Many creatures fall in the group of arthropods such as insects, reptiles, aquatic mammals, and many more. There are mainly four major classes of arthropods such as Chelicerate. Which includes mites, spiders, scorpions, horseshoe crabs, and many more.

Another type of arthropods is Trilobites which is already an extinct species, Crustaceans are another such type. Which includes crabs, lobsters, shrimps, etc and lastly. There are Uniramians which includes centipedes, millipedes, and many other insects are there in this group. Here are few arthropods characteristics that you should know in case you face one: Bilateral symmetry:

If you have observe an arthropod then you must have notice that the left side of the body of an arthropod is exactly symmetrically the same as the right side of their body. There is nothing different not ever internally, the internal difference makes most animals different from that of an arthropod. The arrangement of legs, stings, eyes, and every single thing seems to be the same in both sides of their body.

arthropods characteristics 2

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Developed sense organs:

These animals are often small and mostly get attack or mistakenly kill by many because we people not always notice them and end up stepping on them causing their death. We cannot help it but they know how to survive and their extremely sensible organs help them a lot.

They can sense each and everything so even if you could not sense their presence they would sense that you are coming and would immediately leave your path so that they could save their life. They even have some safety measures as well as some weapons which help them a lot to survive. Some of them can bite you dangerously which can cause intense pain and even infections are common in this situation and they often would bite you to make you aware of their presence.

Ventral nervous pattern:

The word ventral stands for in front so it means that the nervous system of an arthropod runs through the front section of their body. Unlike other animals which have their nervous system running through the spinal cords of their body. These small things make an arthropod quite different from other animals as well as living creatures.

General information about arthropods:

Arthropods are such types of animals or living creatures that can develop anywhere. It can survive in water, land, and they sometimes can even survive under the soil. For some of them flying are common so they can even survive high above the land level. You would notice joint limbs in them and their whole body can be divide into just three sections. Such as the thorax, head as well as abdomen.

The most surprising thing about them is that they too have blood which is known by the name of the hemocoel. It is color in white. They have an exoskeleton that is made up of chitin and it is usually hard. So that the skeleton can save their internal organ as well as them from getting hurt as well as damage. They have a much-develop brain which sends them frequent signals and makes them alert about the surrounding.

These were few pieces of information about arthropods that you should know and next time be careful from them. As they can bite you to let you aware of their presence around you.