Chinese Water Dragon

Fascinating Facts About Chinese Water Dragon


Now different people like having different pets around and if you are not among those who love cats and dogs but want to have something different than what people normally have as pets then you can check out Chinese water dragon and some of them mistake them with iguanas but the two animals are quite different to each other. Some people find them very creepy but they prove to be a good pet for those who like them. If you are wondering about Chinese Water Dragon Care and habitations then here is everything that you need to know about them.

Now as this kind of pet is very rare to have so people are not very much aware of is mostly the pet tends to suffer due to our lack of understanding as well as because of our lack of care. Now having fancy desires is not the end you need to be caring from them and this is the most important thing here otherwise there is no point of having such a rare pet in your house. Once you feel like you can have them around and care for them better then you can go ahead and have Chinese water dragon as your pet which is a great thing for sure:

All about the Chinese Water Dragon Habitat and features:


 Chinese Water Dragon

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This is a Kind Of Lizard and is quite small in size but it is definitely larger than the house lizards that most of us have in our house without petting them and it is due to their small as well as compact size that people love to have them as their pet when it comes to adopting a reptile pet in the house. Their size can range between 3 feet to 2 feet and most of the length is covered by the tail and their body is kind of small which makes it easy to handle them.

Now it is for sure that this kind of animal is not made for cuddles as well as hugs and if you would try this then it can make your reptile feel uncomfortable and so they can attack you and here people do the mistake of bothering them and later on blame the reptile for being dangerous but it is us who makes life difficult for them. A male Chinese dragon is much muscular than that of female one and is much broader as well as stronger than that of a female one.

Now they actually come in a variety of green colors starting from a very dark green color to kind of light green color so you can have the one you like the most and also they do have a kind of orange or peach kind of blend in their throat as well as below the throat area which makes them look attractive. They go have thorn kind of long crown on the back which starts from the head and ends with the ending of the tail and they do have bumps in their mouth region as well.

Life Span:

 Chinese Water Dragon

Saying goodbye to a pet is very hard and most of the pet doesn’t stay alive for more than 15 years. If you want something to stay with you for a bit long time. Then you can check this Chinese water dragon out as they tend to live for about 20 years. If you would take better care of them they can also live for another 5 years.

Similarly if the care would not be as per their requirements then they can die soon. So it entirely depends upon the owner who he keeps the pet and this thing is kind of same for every pet. Pet do need some love and care for living a long life and this should be maintained by every owner.

Behavior Of The Chinese Water Dragon:

 Chinese Water Dragon

Now this reptile is kind of a friendly creature but it strictly doesn’t want to get handled by anyone but on the other hand you should always try to interact with them and make them easy with you so that you can handle them once in a while and if you would not do that then there are chances that they can turn out to be very aggressive which can be dangerous for you as well as for other family members that stay around your pet reptiles so even if you don’t handle them.

As you handle a cat or a dog but then also you should be there with them spending some time on a regular basis so that they could grow up calm and more relaxed at the same time which would help them live healthy as well as longer. If your pet would ever get scared of you then it is always better to distance yourself from him otherwise it can bite you and it can even whip his tail on your which can be dangerous for sure.

They do love to climb and swim and they are very sporty in nature so if you have it in your home then make sure to get a water as well as small trees in it glass cage so that it can spend the day just the way he likes or wants to spend and also it is always better to have more than one Chinese water dragon as they behave better when not alone and this would also make it easy for you to take better care of them and having them would not include such expenses as well which is definitely a good  thing for sure.

What Should You Feed Them?

 Chinese Water Dragon

Now without food and water, any pet can get violent and sick at the same time. So it is always better to feed them well and feeding them doesn’t mean that you can feed them anything and everything. You need to understand that their digestive system is different from yours and any other pet. So their food needs to be different as well. Here you can actually feed them a number of insects that are not toxic. Also, do not feed them wild insects as they are a bit dangerous. You never know that whether the insects are poisonous or not because there are many insects. That looks kind of similar.

So it is always better to get insects from the market and you can get this in pet stores. You can also give them mealworms, earthworm, wax worms, cricket. At times you can also feed them small mice but that should be very rare. You can give them vegetables as well as fruits but make sure give them in fewer portions. Also, make sure to get the vegetables as well as fruits finely chopped. Otherwise that can choke them to death which no one wants for sure.


 Chinese Water Dragon

They do come up with lots of health disorders skin infection. If you ever find your pet suffering from any kind of skin infection. Then you should immediately rush to a doctor otherwise it can also make you a skin disease sufferer. Which has to be the worst thing for sure. This actually happens if you would keep them in a dirty cage. If the water they swim in has not been changed since a long period of time. So it is your duty to keep their place clean as well as hygienic to keep them infection free.

Metabolic bone disease is another dangerous bone complication that they suffer the most. This happens if their diet doesn’t contain calcium in enough amounts. So make sure to keep their diet rich and healthy. So that they would be healthier and on the other side do not keep them in shades. All the time as if they would not get enough sun exposure. Then also they can face bone-related complications.

Mouth rot has to be the most common health issue that the Chinese Water Dragon can ever face. This is due to their behavior as they like to rub. As well as banging their head against walls or rocks which leads to a sore. That can get extended to full mouth rot and even can result in an ulcer. Which can prove to be the worst situation for sure. If you ever find kind of infections, cuts, or swelling around their mouth. Then it is always recommend to gets them a health checkup by a good vet to avoid mouth rot.

Dystocia is a problem that only female Chinese dragon faces and here in this health complication. Often a female develops egg without even mating and the worst thing. Here is that the egg can get stuck in the body which can lead to death. If you ever feel like your Chinese water dragon is about to lay eggs without mating then immediately consult with a vet. These were everything that you need to know about a Chinese Water Dragon. If you think that you can handle them with care. Then only you can go ahead and have two in your home as a pet.