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Dogs are our best friends and family. You do not need to be a dog owner to know how adorable and lovable they are. Thus, when it comes to their health, you cannot risk it. We do take care of their body. From their gut to their paws, but we often forget to take good care of their oral hygiene. This is where it all goes wrong Dog dental care should be one of the main priorities of any dog owner. Here are some tips to take care of your dog’s bad breath and oral hygiene –

1. Use Tooth Wipes

If you are someone not wanting to brush your dog’s teeth, you can consult a dog dentist and switch to tooth wipes. Tooth wipes happen to be efficient in removing plaque from your dog’s teeth. You just need to rub them against their teeth. Moreover, they can be easy to use than a toothbrush and paste.

2. Brush Their Teeth

It can be a tough job but keep your faith in us, brushing is worth it. This is the best way you can reach every corner of their mouth and remove all the plaque. You will not require them to brush their teeth daily, but once or twice a week. The more times you brush their teeth the better. Head straight to a dog dental care and ask for a brush and toothpaste for dogs. Toothpaste and brush designated for dogs are toxin-free.

3. Dog Chews

Yes, you heard that right, dog chews can be beneficial for your dog’s oral hygiene. All of the dog-chews have some teeth-cleaning elements in them. Not only do the chews remove plaque from their teeth but they also improve dental health. You may ask any dog dentist to recommend some chews according to the overall health of your dog. There are chews such as bully sticks, chicken strips, and cow ears which can help promote better dog hygiene.

4. Dry Food is Better

Dry Food is Better for Dog Dental Care

Not just chews, wipes, paste, and brush you might have to take care of what your dog eats. What you feed them can also affect their dental health directly. Many veterinary doctors in Gurgaon will recommend you to convert to dry food from soft or wet food. There is a simple reason behind this, soft foods tend to stick to the teeth more than dry food. Hence, if you switch to dry food you are instantly improving their oral health and hygiene.

5. Regular Dental Checkup

Nonetheless, it is quite important to visit a dentist for your dog. You might put in a lot of effort but yet the problems may persist. In such a case you will have to visit a doggy dentist. You can take them once, twice, or when any problem arises. Do not neglect any dental issue of your dog, for it may lead to an even greater issue. Your vet may take a dental examination of your dog as well.

What’s Included in an Oral Exam for Your Dog?

What's Included in an Oral Exam for Your Dog?

The dog dental hygienist will first check your dog’s mouth for odor, and for swollen and bleeding gums. The vet also looks for discoloration on the teeth and fractured teeth.

An effective full-mouth dental exam and cleaning requires your dog to be kept under general anaesthesia. The veterinarian can then check your dog’s mouth for periodontal pockets around the teeth, check all surfaces of the 42 teeth, and perform X-rays, which are vital to diagnosing periodontal disease below the gum line. Here you can also read about Eye Infection in Dogs.

An oral exam will also involve checking for malocclusions and examination of the lip margins and cheek tissues.

As part of cleaning, your veterinarian will remove calculus above and below the gum line, smooth rough tooth surfaces, remove dead gum tissue, irrigate under the gum line, apply fluoride, and polish the teeth.

Keep in mind ensuring good dental health is equal to having good breath. If they have an odor in their mouth, it’s time for some cleaning or even visiting a dentist. Hence, do not shy away from taking care of their dental hygiene.

At DCC veterinary care, we take care of your dog as well as you, so that you both have a stress-free experience during checkups. Our dog dental services ensure a smooth experience for your pooch, we strongly believe early signs of an illness can be uncovered by looking at their dental health, and also we can nip the issue in the bud in case it is early stages of plaque formation or anything else. So next time you plan a check-up at DCC Animal Hospital for your pet, include a dental check-up too.

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