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Is your Dog’s Stomach Making Noises?


Does your dog’s stomach make noises? Usually, when we humans gurgle or grow, the reason is known to us. According to the situation, we have an idea whether the food is digesting within us or we are hungry. So, we know when our stomach is making the noise. Dog’s stomach making noises is not a problem to worry about, it is normal. The point is that every dog’s stomach gurgling is not common or not to worry about. So it is clear that you must have a clear idea of your dog’s body functioning. It is not necessary you know everything about your dog. 

Today being a pet owner myself, I have collected all the information on the Dog’s stomach making noises. There are so many dog owners who get tense after listening to the gurgling. 

Not to worry, every sound from the dog’s stomach is not a concern, and every sound is not a matter of not being concerned. After detailed research and personally being in this same situation, the blog is prepared. In today’s blog, we are discussing the details of everything you will like to know on why your dog’s stomach is making noises. Come, let us begin. 

Is It Normal for Dog’s Stomach to Make Noises?

To start with, a dog’s stomach making noise is a sign of intestine functioning. Yes, it is very normal. If you put your head on your dog’s stomach, you can hear the noise. The noises are very low. If you listen to them carefully, then only you can listen to them. But, there are days the noises can be loud. So, that is fine. 

Usually, they are the sign of digestion of the food or if they are hungry. In other cases, if it is a normal gurgling, it can be the air gaps in the intestine. Thus, your dog’s stomach making noises can be expected. Sometimes the sounds are so loud that you can hear them in the silent room. But, if you still feel like you are not sure, you can call up your vet. Talking to the vet will help you understand better. So it is normal if your dog’s stomach is making noise. 

Common Reasons of Dog’s Stomach Making Noises

dog's stomach making noises


As we saw earlier, dog’s stomachs making noises is common. To understand it, even more, we are here to explain to you in detail. The three common reasons for Dog’s Stomach making Noises are Hunger, Digestion, and Air Blocks. Let us see how they cause noises in the dog’s stomach. 

Dog’s Hunger

The gastrointestinal tract contracts, and the functional happening makes the sound. When your dog is hungry and the stomach is empty, the contraction process in the gastrointestinal tract is louder than the process during digestion. The function in the intestine is continuously working.

No matter whether your dog had its meal or not, the processing is continuous. Just like an empty room echoes loudly, the same way the empty stomach makes more noise. Usually, you will experience this sound before the dog’s dinner time or breakfast. So, dog stomachs making noises will tell you their condition. Make sure you treat them if they are hungry.

The Digestive System Is Functioning

As we read earlier, the intestine is continuously functioning. When the food is digested, the gastrointestinal tract processes the digestion from breaking down the food to converting it into the paste. The food is continuously flowing with gases. When the movement is happening inside the interesting, the dog’s stomach gurgling sound is heard aloud.

In short, the noise that you get to hear after every meal of your dog is because of the reason discussed above. This means in this condition, and there is no need to worry. After 30 minutes of your dog’s meal, you can offer them water. Water can calm down the gaseous heat, and the sound can be eliminated gradually. 

Air Blockage

According to medical sound, this is possible and natural. The leading cause is the excess of air in the canals. There are possibilities, while your dog has to eat it, it even intakes excess hair. Chewing the food in a hurry can also lead to excess intake of air. It later creates blocks that start the dog’s stomach making noises.

When your dog burps, it means, finally, the path is clear. There are no more air blocks, and the noises are stopped. Thus try to do some activities with dogs that can resolve their problem. The air blocks in the pathway create the dog’s stomach gurgle. Once it is clear, they get their ease. 

Concerned Reasons for Dog’s Stomachs Making Noises

dog's stomach making noises


It is not as if every time the dog’s stomach is gurgling, it is either of the three reasons mentioned above. There are many medical conditions as well that can make a dog’s stomach make noises. Being a dog owner, you must know all the concerned reasons as well. Sometimes dog’s stomach gurgling can be one of the indications of something wrong. The primary purpose of sharing the following reason is to avoid any serious medical condition for your dog. So, let us see the concerning reasons.

Liver Diseases

Gastrointestinal tracts that lead to the liver have the involvement of the dog’s stomachs making noises. The liver, as we know, removes the toxins from your body. Due to some reasons, there are possibilities your dog has some liver infection or disease that leads to improper functioning.

This means it is time you realize something is serious. The noises from your dog’s stomach can even be an indication. It is better to visit a vet who can attend to your dog nicely. So not to take the dog’s stomach making noises lightly in this situation. Make sure you get it treated if any problem is seen. 

Intestinal Cancer

In the case of Cancer in the intestine, the gastrointestinal tract formulates more gases. There are many symptoms of intestinal cancer. Your dog stops eating and has regular dog diarrhea, vomiting, and fever.

If the symptoms have one more addition, that is your dog’s stomachs making noises, make sure you visit the doctor as soon as possible. The signs are indicating that your dog needs expert help. So, please do not take the dog’s stomach noises lightly when they are not keeping well. Seek help from a vet, and they will guide you for whom to contact for the medications?

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Infiltrative Neoplasia or Inflammatory Bowel Disease is related to your dog’s intestine. It is an inflammation of your dog’s intestine that creates hurdle indigestion. They cause some severe gastrointestinal problems, which lead to some challenging issues.

Thus, it is beneficial to make sure that your dog is doing well or has any signs of illness. If they show any such symptoms, plus your dog’s stomachs making noises, it means something is not correct. To be on a safer slide, contact your vet doctor and consult them for the condition. Accordingly, get the treatment for early recovery of your dog’s health.

Obstruction in the Gastrointestinal

One of the most dangerous problems dogs can have. Do not take this problem lightly, for god sake. Gastrointestinal obstruction is a severe medical emergency. It means there is a blockage in the intestine or the stomach, which has no other option but medical surgery.

In such conditions, the dog, stomach making noises is a sign. If you notice your dog vomiting or not eating food, it is a significant sign. Gastrointestinal Blockage can be resolved from any medication, but surgery will help. So, please contact the doctors as soon as possible. 

Indications That a Dog’s Stomachs Make Noises Are Serious

Usually, the noises that your dog’s stomach makes are expected unless they show us these symptoms. If your dog has the following symptoms, plus your dog’s stomachs making noises means something very serious. Please pay attention to the signs. 

1. Lack of appetite

Your dog has stopped taking proper amounts of food as earlier. It stays quiet and avoids meals. 

2. Vomiting

After having a meal, your dog starts vomiting or can’t digest the meal and pukes it out. 

3. Diarrhea

Suppose your dog’s stool passing is not expected as always. Plus, if it has a weakness in its body. 

Please understand these symptoms. If your dog shows up with any of the symptoms, plus the dog’s stomachs making noise, something is wrong. Please meet the vet and discuss and get your dog treated soon. 

Can a Dog’s Stomach Making Noise Be a Stomach Upset?

dog's stomach making noises


There are possibilities that your dog must be having a stomach upset. We get tense if our dog is not doing well. If you have never noticed a dog’s stomach making noises, and all of a sudden you have, it is okay. However, if you find any other symptoms that are not normal, please be concerned. Maybe the dog is unable to bear the weather, which is one reason. The second reason can be that if the dog had something wrong with its meal. Dog’s can’t digest all types of food

In short, there are chances that your dog’s stomach making noises can be a possibility of stomach upset. For a better understanding, reach out to the vet and take their medication. 

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Is a Dog’s Stomach Making Noises Is Painful? 

Does it depend on the situation whether your dog’s stomachs making noises is painful or not? If your dog is having other concerning symptoms as well, it is painful. If it is all about regular burbs and air gaps, it is okay. The dog’s stomach making noises means they are functioning correctly. So, as I said, it depends. If your dog is not feeling well, the noises can be painful.

Dogs’ Stomach Making Noise: Conclusion

There is only one thing I want to say to all the readers out there if your dog is fit, all is good. The dog’s stomachs making noise are normal if they are fit. However, if your dog is not doing good and you find noises, it is not normal. So please keep a watch on your dog and act accordingly. 

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