Doodle Dog

Who doesn’t love fluffy and affectionate pups roaming around their house every day? If you’ve recently noticed more of these dogs who could easily be mistaken for your favorite childhood teddy roaming the streets recently, you’re not the only one! Since doodle dogs are now becoming increasingly popular.There are several reasons why these adorable canines have captured the heart of many pet owners. Due to their curly and short-haired tails, they are a good option for those with allergies; these creatures are also family-friendly, good-mannered, and caring.

In this article, we will be covering all the information about Doodle Dogs. So, if you’re planning on bringing one from, we’ve got your back! Welcoming a pet into your home is a big responsibility. It requires love, care, and patience from the owner’s side.

So, it’s essential to have some basic information regarding the breed of the pet you’ll be bringing home and looking after for

What Are Doodle Dogs?

Doodle Dogs

A ”doodle dog” is generally considered a dog that has a Poodle as one parent and a purebred dog as another parent. So, doodle dogs are a cross between a Poodle and another breed. For example, Labradoodle and Golden doodle (Poodles and Golden Retrievers) are the most popular doodles.

Other types of doodles include:

History of Doodle Dogs

Doodles are an all-time favorite family dog. Nothing beats their sweets and kind nature. And if there’s someone to thank for bringing these adorable creatures into our lives, it’s Wally Conron. The original doodle was a Labradoodle, bred by Conron in the 1980s while he was employed at the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia.

The original motive behind breeding a Doodle dog back then was to create a guide dog that was also allergy-free for a visually impaired woman whose husband was allergic to dog hair. Although it took two long years and 33 trials, lucky for us, Conron successfully created a Labradoodle by crossing a Standard Poodle and a Labrador. This Labradoodle was known as Sultan.

However, as thankful as we are to Conron for bringing doodles into our world, the man himself reportedly, in an article, cited that he regretted his decision and believed he had created a “Frankenstein.”

This could definitely be due to the overbreeding of Doodles that have recently resulted from the breed craze over the years, as too much crossing of breeds that aren’t intended to be crossed could result in serious health issues.

However, for now, Doodles are considered relatively healthy, and the craze is here to stay!

Why Are Doodles So Popular?

There is no doubt Doodles have inherited many good traits from their parent breeds, and that is one of many reasons why this breed is becoming increasingly popular.

Here are some unique and desirable traits Doodles possess:

  • They are non-shedding
  • These dogs are easier to train
  • They’re smart
  • They’re affectionate
  • Average energy level

Don’t they seem like they will make the perfect BFFs to welcome home? You’re not the only one as we believe them to be the breed of the year, considering their popularity.

Moreover, doodles are available in every shape and size. So, you could choose which one suits your family best. For example, a Westiepoo weighs around 20 to 30 pounds on average, whereas a Golden Doodle can weigh around 50 to 90 pounds.

Although most Doodles have an average energy level, you can easily choose a type based on your lifestyle and the extent of physical activity you get in a day. For instance, a Golden Doodle is considered a rather athletic dog that requires 30-40 minutes of exercise daily. So, if you’re a morning jog person, a Golden Doodle might be the Doodle for you!

How to Find the Perfect Doodle for Your Home?

How to Find the Perfect Doodl for Your Home?

What can you do to find a suitable Doodle for you and your family? Let’s have a look!

Weigh the Characteristics

The best thing with Doodles is definitely the fact that there’s plenty of different types to pick one for your home. However, the type or breed of a dog will not all have particular characteristics. But it can give you a certain idea about which furry friend will be the one for your home!

For example, Golden Doodles are known to be affectionate, playful, and patient, which is what makes them a great fit for a family home, whereas if you have children and other pets in the house, Whoodles will make a good fit as they can easily get along with other pets and are good with children.

Remember That Every Dog Is Different

Indeed, we generally tend to assume that particular breeds have certain traits. For example, Whoodles are known for being playful and social. However, experts disagree. A certain breed or type of a dog does not generally mean it will have particular traits or characteristics. In fact, it can turn out to be quite the opposite.

Although some research is great to get a typical idea, remember that as a pet owner, it’s a responsibility to love your pet for life even if they don’t always act as desired.

Looks Aren’t Everything!

Looks should never be the prime focus whenever you’re choosing to adopt a pet. All doodles look similar to the extent that it may not even be possible to tell them apart most times. And you can find a Doodle in most colors or patterns.

But what you should look for is to find a pup that will match your lifestyle. For instance, Newfypoo, Bernedoodle, Pyredoodle are considered the most active breeds, whereas the Shih-Poo and Cavapoo tend to be a good fit for owners in need of tranquility and calm as these furry canines don’t require ample exercise.

In Conclusion

Doodles are one-of-a-kind in the dog world! They don’t only come with dashing looks but also some good characteristics that appeal to many of their owners. But again, while we love Doodles and their basic personality traits, we also acknowledge how every doodle may have not to carry all these characteristics, and every furry pup deserves to be loved and cared for despite its individuality!

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