Facts About Love Bird

There are many types of people in this world and every person is quite different from the other. Their pet choice is also different. Not everyone wants to have four-leg animals such as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, etc. Some may love those who come with two legs, one beak, pair of wings as well as lots of feathers. Well, you may have guessed that it is a bird. Now there are lots of birds to choose from and every bird is completely different from the other. Love birds breeding are common and as they are in demand so breeder mostly breeds them.

People mainly choose beautiful big birds, birds that can speak a bit, birds. Who can sing you to sleep and among all the most demanding birds are the love birds. Which come in a pair of male and female. Now there are a variety of love birds are well to choose from. It is actually a family member of parrots which are also known by the name of Agapornis.

It is said that love birds are sensitive so they should be handled with care. Here is some information that you should know before having a pair in your home as a pet:

Fun facts about love birds

Fun facts about love birds

Love birds are said to be together for a lifetime, it is said that once they choose their mate. They keep constant about what they have chosen. It is said that they stay up just like husband and wife so they are emotionally bonded with each other. You would be surprised to know that they even face divorce. Which takes place if they could not adjust to each other or if they are completely different from each other.

They love to cuddle with each other and most of the time you would observe them snuggling with each other. They are caring as well which can be seen when they feed each other. There are nine species of love birds that you can have as your pet. Each of them looks quite different from the other through they are the family members of parrots. Peach face lovebird is the most common as well as popular love bird among all.

Love birds as pet

Love birds as pet

Love birds are the small variants of parrots and these are so small that they are also called pocket parrots. Despite their small size they are extremely intelligent and are able to do stuff that big birds usually do. They are quite bossy in appearance so sometimes they may try to dominate other small pets or even humans.

They do not talk much but if you would train them they might try their luck but most of them could not talk. If you would keep them single then they might make you its other half and can stay up with you along with all the love and care. Make sure to spend time with them as they usually need a mate to spend some quality time with him/her. They are sensitive so a little mismanagement can make them sad which can affect their health.

Once you bring a baby love bird, the bird would stay up with you for at least 10-15 years which is quite long for such a small bird. They can grow up to 19 cm and can have bodyweight in between 40-70grams. Make sure to keep your love bird clean as well as disease-free because sometimes they get zoonotic diseases that can even infect you.

These were little information about love birds that you should know before getting a pair in your home as a pet.

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