Caucasian Ovcharka Dogs

The Caucasian Ovcharka is best suited to home wherever he will place his livestock-guarding skills to sensible use, though he also can be an excellent show dog or a domestic companion. The Caucasian Ovcharka dogs bond powerfully together with his family—including youngsters and different pets—and he takes his role as their guardian terribly seriously. With individuals he is aware of, the Ovcharka is steady, sweet, and kind. Once it involves strangers, he’s suspicious—and he could also be aggressive towards foreign dogs. Light-weight sleepers beware: The Ovcharka includes a tendency to bark at midnight, alerting you to potential dangers. 

Overview Of Caucasian Ovcharka Dogs

Caucasian Ovcharka Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Caucasian Shepherd (Caucasian Ovcharka)

Breed Group: Working

Height: 23- 30 inches

Weight: 99 – 170 pounds

Coat: thick, double coat

Color: white, cream, gray, fawn, brindle, or a mix of these colors

Temperament: independent, loyal, and protective nature

Needs for Grooming: Medium

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Russia, Türkiye, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Soviet Union, Circassia

Temperament Caucasian Ovcharka Dogs

 Caucasian Ovcharka

The Caucasian Ovcharka dogs may be a guardian breed with a significant and protecting temperament. Though he has an associate innate distrust of strangers, he is light toward individuals he is aware of. The Ovcharka is unbelievably loyal to his family — however fierce in their defense. However, once there is nothing to protect against, he is laidback and compliant, expressing a sweet perspective toward his cherished ones.

This intelligent dog has associate freelance nature, therefore you would like to coach him patiently, and firmness and consistency— ne’er use harsh words or heavy-handed techniques. Properly trained Ovcharkas have earned obedience and Canine sensible subject titles, and a few are even medical aid dogs.

Start coaching your puppy the day you bring him home. Even at eight weeks previous, he is capable of absorbing everything you will teach him. Do not wait till he is 5 months previous to start coaching otherwise you can have a lot of willful dogs to subsume. If potential, get him into the puppy preschool category by the time he is ten to twelve weeks previous and socializes, socializes, socializes.


 Caucasian Ovcharka

And keep in mind that you just have the ability to shield your Ovcharka from one of the foremost common health problems: blubber. Keeping him at associate applicable weight may be an easy thanks to extending your Ovcharka’s life.


 Caucasian Ovcharka

The Caucasian Ovcharka includes a double coat composed of an associate undercoat and an overcoat. The undercoat is soft and fine, whereas the hairs of the outer coat are long and coarse. (An Ovcharka’s coat ought to never feel soft or seem wavy.) Once it involves length, the coat will be long, medium, or short.

Dogs with long coats have a mane that surrounds the neck, in addition to an in-depth feather on the hind legs and on the tail, that appearance thick and downlike. Dogs with medium-length coats don’t have quite the maximum amount of a mane, and they have fewer feathers on the remainder of the body. A brief chat, the smallest amount common kind, has no mane or feather.

To keep Ovcharka’s double coat healthy, brush him completely up to double per week. Once a year, the Ovcharka goes through an important shed, referred to as the processing coat. Throughout this point, heat baths and frequent brushing can facilitate the previous coat shed quicker. Also, reduce the quantity of hair which will find yourself on your floor, furniture, and covering. The remainder is routine care: Clean his ears and trim his nails always.

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