Goliath tigerfish facts

Facts About the Goliath Tigerfish


When your name is Goliath, you’d higher be one whopping, fierce creature, and also the Goliath tigerfish (Hydrocynus goliath) undoubtedly lives up to its sobriquet. The most important one on record was nearly five feet long and weigh 154 pounds, the equivalent of a super-welterweight gladiator. And it outclasses alternative African fish in speed and power. Locals say Goliath tigerfish is the sole fish that does not concern the crocodilian which really fares smaller ones.

It is also been celebrate to attack humans in rare instances. It is so lightning-fast and forceful that not solely can it snap an angler’s line, however, it’ll generally build off along with his or her tackle. No marvel one fishing expedition promoter needs shoppers to scan a cautionary piece of writing on the Goliath before agreeing to a fishing trip.

Bully of the Congo Basin

Goliath tigerfish

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The first Goliath tigerfish facts are that they have an olive-colour back and a silvery underbelly. However, if you see one, what you may keep in mind is its mouthful of thirty-two jag, razor-like teeth. Every tooth will be up to at least one inch long. The Goliath’s teeth are set at the sting of the jaw — the monster has barely any lips. And once those teeth slam down on prey, it is a clean, virtually surgical cut. Those attributes, combine with its muscular physique, build the Goliath a progressive mayhem machine.

Catching a Goliath

Goliath tigerfish

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The next Goliath tigerfish fact is it could be a robust fish to catch, however, it will be done, provide you have industrial gear, a pointy enough hook and you are willing to stay open-eye for long stretches. They will strike either lure or live bait. If you have got providence, your hook can set deep enough within the mouth that it will survive the Goliath’s head-thrashing. This is often a fish that will not permit you to form any mistakes.

Why you cought to throw it back

Goliath tigerfish

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The Goliath tigerfish puts a lot of energy into killing than breeding. It will take an area population between five and fourteen years to double in size.

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