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How to Care for a New Puppy: A Guide for First Time Pet Parents


The bundle of joy that is puppies makes everyone want to have one. While there is a lot of joy, happiness, and love waiting, there is also a lot of responsibilities you need to think about. Caring for a newborn puppy is similar to caring for a human child. Both are heavily dependent, cannot convey their needs, and have to be looked after as they tend to attract trouble. In this article, we speak to leading experts at brio Pets and ask them about the ways individuals who have recently become pet parents should care for their new puppies.

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Why a Definite Routine and Schedule Helps a Puppy Develop?

Pet Parents


Dogs are creatures of habit. The faster you get them to a set routine, the better will they feel. This will allow them to structure their digestion, playtime, sleep, and potty timings accordingly. 

You need to set in motion fixed timings for their eating schedules. Young puppies that are fifty days old should be eating four times a day, at least till they attain six months of age. The food that you should be giving them should be after consulting the vet. 

More than the puppy, it is up to the pet parents to ensure that the routine is followed. If you are getting a puppy, you need to make sure that you are not sleeping in on a Sunday morning. Or that you are staying outside even though it is well past your puppy’s food timings. 

All this will make the puppies suffer and they will not be able to develop a healthy routine. This is why discipline, care, and positive reinforcements are essential. The faster you start with a daily routine, the more acclimatized your puppy will become. 

Caring for the Health of a New Puppy: What you should know

Pet Parents


Puppies are prone to getting sick early on. The first few months are the toughest. This is because they have weak immune systems that can get easily compromised.

1. Vaccinations 

You might also see some adverse effects of vaccinations on your puppy. They might develop a slight temperature and puke the food they have eaten. You need to be patient and care for your puppy with the proper medicines as has been suggested by the vet. 

2. Puppy Proofing

You might have heard about another term- ‘Puppy Proofing’ the house. 

Puppies are always looking to discover new things and places. They can easily fall down the stairs or chew on a naphthalene ball when no one is watching. All this can result in deadly complications and hence you should puppy-proof the house. 

3. Eating Dangerous Things

If there is something that the puppy should not eat, ensure that adequate protection is taken to ensure the same. The bone and muscle structures are still developing and are weak. Here you can also read about what to do when taking care of a new puppy.

You must know what food items can be dangerous for your puppy. Chocolates, Raisins, Grapes, Sugar, Alcohol, and Coffee are some items that can be life-threatening. 

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The Pressure Points for First Time Pet Parents

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In this section, we will shed light on some of the major pressure points for first-time pet parents- 

  • Puppies are expensive to maintain. Make sure you are aware of the financial obligations and extra expenditures you would have to incur every month towards the puppy’s care. Here you can also read about Best Roomba for Your Pet Hair
  • They need a lot of time, patience, and energy. You might lose your cool during a potty misadventure. You should not hit your puppy at any cost. Be patient all the time. 
  • You would need to alter your living schedule in a major way. The need to wake up early, leave those parties, and travel to pet-friendly locations would be the norm. 
  • The entire family would be required to come together to care for the puppy. This helps spread the dependency and allows for some free time. If you are living alone, best of luck. 

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