Glen of Imaal Terrier

Glen of Imaal Terrier: A Dog with Hunting Skills and Fam-Love


Glen of Imaal Terrier, an under-rate breed, needs exposure to the world of pet lovers. 

Are you planning to adopt a Glennie? Or just heard about it from your friend and now you are curious? Whatever the reason is, I am here to tell you about this frizzy and fluffy ball in detail. And I am pretty sure you are going to get it home, once you are aware of the breed characteristics. It is a purrfect match that you could find for yourself and your kids (if you have!).

You can’t directly jump to B. First, you should know how to write A. So let’s first know about history, then we will move towards its characteristics. 


Glen of Imaal Terrier has the origin of Ireland in County Wicklow at the rocky and remote Glen of Imaal. This pup got its name from the place it originate. It is said that Glen’s were award the piece of land when they gave their dog’s to Queen Elizabeth I’s army. Later on, the settler’s dog was bred with canines, and this breed was produce.

So basically, this breed a descendant of the dogs brought by settlers. They were bred to hunt fox and badgers and to get rid of rodent’s house. They were also known as ‘Turnspit or Spit Dog’ as they use to work on a treadmill-like contraption that power the rotation of cooking spit. 

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As I said, this breed is still under-rate (lesser-known) and needs exposure. It is getting notice by pet lovers year by year and has also been favor as the best family pet. This breed was first recognize by the Irish Kennel Clun in 1933, then in 1975 (after 42 years) British Kennel Club accept the breed, and finally, in 1987 (after 12 years) American Kennel Club follow suit.

Glen of Imaal Terrier


A quick overview of the breed:-

Breed Group:- Terrier Group

Height:- 12.5 inches to 14 inches

Weight:- 32 to 40 pounds

Life Expectancy:- 10 to 15 years

Traits:- Loyal, Friendly, Playful, Bold, Gentle

Also Known As:- Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier, Wicklow Terrier


Glen of Imaal Terrier


This pup is undoubtedly cute, fluffy (I am going to use the word repeatedly in this article because It is the cutest breed you can get!) and furry.

  • Glen has the weather-resistant double coat with several shades from cream to red, any shade of blue and silver, or sable color.
  • It has brown eyes, a black nose, and fold ears.
  • Glen has a medium-length dense, wiry double coat.
  • It has a longer body and shorter legs with a muscular appearance.

Personality Traits

This fuzzy pup has traits that secure ten on ten for being a family pet. Take a look at the following table to know about personality traits.

*Here we have scored their every trait based on the research.
Personality TraitsScore
Affection5 out of 5
Friendliness5 out of 5
Kid-Friendly5 out of 5
Pet-Friendly2 out of 5
Playfulness5 out of 5
Exercise Needs4 out of 5
Energy Level4 out of 5
Trainability4 out of 5
Intelligence4 out of 5
Tendency to Bark4 out of 5
Amount of Shedding1 out of 5
Protectiveness5 out of 5
Loyalty5 out of 5
Apartment Adaptability4 out of 5
Stranger-Friendly3 out of 5


Glen of Imaal Terrier


The grooming needs of this one of the Irish breed is moderate. Few points to take care of:-

  • Needs brushing once or twice a week.
  • No frequent baths (as it will soften the coarse terrier coat).
  • Regular nail trimming.
  • There shouldn’t be debris or wax build-up, so check its ears weekly.
  • Their coat should be strip twice or thrice a year.
  • And, basic grooming like brushing teeth (often and with doggie toothpaste).

Health and Care

Glen is usually a healthy breed but still, as someone said, ‘Nothing is Perfect’ they are prone to certain health issues like:-

  • Elbow and hip dysplasia can cause weakness and instability in elbows and hips.
  • Hypothyroidism, a disease that reduces the metabolism rate.
  • Retinal atrophy, an eye disease that can lead to blindness.
  • They tend to suffer from allergies, itchy skin, and relate ear infections.
  • Make sure there isn’t any needless stress on front legs during the first nine months of the glen of Imaal terrier puppy.
  • Avoid over-feeding, or too much of human-food can cause obesity.
  • The MAIN key to protect and increase the life span of your puppy is to take control over weight-management.

Glen of Imaal Terrier



Once they were use in hunting fox and badgers, just this describes that it is an extremely active breed. Having this breed as a pet for a novice owner is not a cup of tea. I would say this pet is for the people who are active, and they too, like exercising. Training is a must for Glen, or else its independent streak will glow out, and it will become stubborn.

Imortant Things

  • It is easy to train as its intelligence level is good and is very curious to learn things.
  • Shorter training sessions are the best layout for the Glen pups. They will perform better in 5 minutes of exercise 2 to 3 times a day rather than 30 minutes of continuous exercise in a day.
  • It isn’t friendly around strangers and other pets, so early socialization is necessary.
  • Get it into a puppy kindergarten when it is 10 to 12 weeks old. And you can start its training sessions when it is just eight weeks old.
  • They are not among the barkers, but its bark is loud, so train him to react to the command ‘quiet.’
  • Familiarize it with basic training commands such as ‘stand,’ ‘sit,’ ‘stop,’ etc.
  • Have secure fencing for the Glennie as it has in-built strong prey drive, love for digging, and curiosity.
  • You will need to teach it a good leash manner, or else it will drag you towards its desire thing or small creature (which it may consider its prey!).
  • IMPORTANT POINT:- Positive reinforcement is the key to train Irish Glen better.

Proper training and exercise will keep Wicklow happy and healthy. As it was once a hunting dog, it has the natural nature of being protective against its family. ‘Loyalty’ of this pup is something that I can’t comment on it (or I would prefer to say, it’s unquestionable). They are as loyal as other pets.

Facts and Highlights

Below are the few facts and highlights of the Wicklow that you should know about:-


  • They have been call “big dogs with the small body,” “small dog with the large body,” “big dogs on short legs,” etc. 
  • The best sport for the Glen is Earthdog – they have to find a scent, follow it, go into the den, and deal with the quarry.
  • It has cheerful behavior and likes the companionship of children.
  • The origin is unknown but has Irish descent.
  • Glen isn’t a hypoallergenic dog.
  • Glennie’s were on the verge of extinction in the 19th century, but thanks to Irish breeders, that gave new life to them.
  • They are famous for the ‘Glen Sit.’ (A posture where it sits on its hind end and holds the whole body vertically.) 

I want to tell you something significant. Always buy a pup from certified breeders, I am not talking about just Glen of Imaal Terrier, any breed of any kind of pet should be brought only form certified and trusted breeder. Ask breeder, whether they test the breeding dog to make sure it is free from the genetic disease that might pass on to puppies.

Glen of Imaal Terrier


Must-Have Lovable Fluffy Pup:-

Till now, you read everything about the Glen of Imaal Terrier. They are the loyal and protective dogs that will love you and your family to the core. They do have traits of being stubborn and independent (I guess it’s good if it is in control!). Oh! Yes, A thing to remember – ‘they will never pick up a fight, but once they are in the ground, they won’t back-off!’

Yeah! I know what you are thinking about; It matches the qualities you want in your partner. I, too, felt that when I introduced myself with this cute and brave puppy. So what are you waiting for? I hope you still aren’t in doubt whether to get it or not. Obviously, you should get it. 

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