groom your dog

Groom & Dry Your Dog With Style


If you have a dog that needs a lot of grooming, you may want to think about grooming tables. A grooming table is not essential to groom your dog, but it sure makes things a lot easier!groom your dog


First, using a grooming table will make you much more comfortable. Think about it. You may spend 30 minutes or an hour grooming your pooch. Do you want to do that bent over the bathtub? Your back will definitely get tire if you do that. Remember, you can easily spend 30 minutes or more grooming some dogs, and they may require it every week or two. 

A grooming table usually puts the dog at waist height, which is the ideal height for your and your dog’s comfort. Some tables have an adjustable height that lets you sit or stand, depending on how you are feeling that day. 

Second, using a grooming table is safer than putting your dog on a counter or kitchen table. When you bathe your dog, he’ll be wet and he can easily slip and fall off the table. Also, some dogs don’t love grooming. If he fights you at all, he could slip and hurt himself. 

The good thing about a grooming table is that it has a leash loop that is place over the dog’s head similar to a collar. It holds the dog firmly in place for the entire grooming session. Some people think this looks uncomfortable for the dog, but it’s a huge advantage. It will always keep him safe and immobile while you do your work. 


groom your dog


Third, a grooming table is clean. When you groom your dog, there is a lot of hair left behind. This could wind up in your bathtub, either clogging the drain or just leaving a hairy mess you have to cleanout. A grooming table confines the hairy mess to one area. 

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Plus, a grooming table has a surface that is no slip that is easy to clean. You just need to wipe it down when you are complete. If you put your table in a room with a wood or tile floor, space will be easy to sweep and clean, so the amount of mess will be much less. 

If you need to groom your pet a lot, your job will always be easier and more convenient with a grooming table. Please review the grooming table options out there and you will be glad you did.