Healthiest Dog Breeds

Selecting a new pet calls for more than choosing a dog that appeals to your preference. Among the numerous factors to consider, the vulnerability of a dog to disease ranks top on the list. Besides reducing the cost of veterinary services, a healthy dog also promises a more extended friendship, thus more experiences. To help you select the healthiest dog breed in the world, we engaged multiple articles on dog’s disease resistance and the statistics on the lifespan of various dog breeds. Having done this, we put up this guide on the healthiest dog breeds. To reduce the burden of academic workloads, consider engaging write my research paper, thus getting standard work at pocket-friendly prices.

1. Australian Cattle Dog

Healthiest Dog Breeds

The Australian cattle dog is the epitome of a security dog. This breed is most ideal for maximizing the security of your home owing to its alertness and muscular form.

Thanks to its weather-resistant coat, the dog can do well in a wide range of environmental factors and requires little grooming effort. Typically, this breed can last up to thirteen years if well cared for.

2. Chihuahua

Healthiest Dog Breeds

Among the many kinds available in the market, the Chihuahua ranks top in the admiration chart. Owing to their small size and huge personality, these prove among the friendliest pets and are regarded as one of the best dog breeds for seniors.

While Chihuahuas rank among the healthiest dog breeds in the world, be keen on purchasing inbred Chihuahuas as they may bear susceptibility to a wide array of infections.

A testament to the longevity of their lifespans, Chihuahuas can live up to twenty years, a number that few dog breeds can rival.

3. Australian Shepherd

Healthiest Dog Breeds

The Australian shepherd is also among the breeds bound to whet appetites of all lovers of small pets. Like the latter, these dogs are easy to train, ideal in security, and playful.

It is, however, key to note that this breed does not do well indoors and requires ample space to exercise. Typically, these are ideal for the farm life and can be easily trained for herding. Besides being maintenance-free dogs, these dogs also boast of a healthy lifespan-extending up to fifteen years.

4. Beagle

Healthiest Dog Breeds

Beagles rank among the best dog breeds for a family setting owing to their playful nature. Besides their friendliness with kids, beagles require little maintenance and can live for up to fourteen years.

5. Belgian Malinois

Healthiest Dog Breeds

Sturdy, fast to learn, and active. Some of the top features dog owners seek in pets and still, the strongest suits of the Belgian Malinois. Like its counterparts, the Belgian Malinois is less prone to health concerns.

However, this breed has been observed to suffer various skin allergies, shyness, and over aggressiveness. Besides these diseases, the breed boasts of an extended lifespan ranging between fourteen and sixteen years.

6. Greyhound

Healthiest Dog Breeds

Having dominated the realm of dog sprints, the greyhound is among the most popular dogs for pet owners worldwide. Unlike various breeds limited to specific climatic conditions, the greyhound can withstand a wide variety of climatic conditions without frequent ailments.

Besides their calm temperament, the greyhounds are quiet indoors hence promising the least destruction. However, it is vital to note that the greyhound is hotwired to chase smaller pets; this may prove a nuisance for a household with cats.

Overall, this breed has a lifespan ranging between 11 and thirteen years hence rank among the dogs with the most extended lifespan.

7. Havanese

Healthiest Dog Breeds

Top among the healthiest dog breeds in the world is the Havanese. Besides being adorable lapdogs, the Havanese are low maintenance, thus require little exercise to stay healthy.

Even better, the Havanese breeds are people-oriented and outgoing in nature. Also, the Havanese sheds less than its counterparts; hence, do not make you a victim of shed hair on surfaces.

While Havanese is susceptible to fleas, grass, pollen caused allergies; they boast of a long lifespan of up to 13 years.

8. Pug

Healthiest Dog Breeds

Among the breeds that have amassed fame, the pug ranks the most common to grace the theatrical films and an animator’s favorite. Like most smaller dogs, the pug is lovable and, if not charming.

While they also are susceptible to allergies, pugs can lead a life of up to fourteen years if offered the right care.

9. Siberian Husky

Healthiest Dog Breeds

Finalizing our list of the healthiest dog breeds is the Siberian husky. Thanks to its independent affectionate and easy to train nature, the Siberian husky proves excellent for both outdoor and indoor settings.

However, this breed flourishes in cold areas better as compared to warmer areas. Even better, huskies are low shedders, thus offer a lesser vacuuming struggle for homeowners.

Healthiest Dog Breeds

Typically, the husky can live up to fourteen years if well taken care of. Getting a dog not only implies new experiences but also making of bonds. Owing to this relationship, it is essential to find a fury partner that will live longer and repel various diseases. For this, the dog breeds, as mentioned above, should come in handy.

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