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How To Choose The Best House For Your Pet Hedgehog


Pet preference is different for different people, while you may like a cat or dog but the person next to you may love having small pets such as a rabbit or a hamster or maybe a number of fishes or even a pair of birds. While some animals don’t need any specific home for them and can live with the owner only whereas there are pets that need cages or such kind of small houses to stay safe. Hedgehog is one such animal that needs a house or cage to stay in your home, though this animal is rare when it comes to pet animals,  but still, some animal lovers love keeping this animal as their pet because the fact cannot be denied that they are super cute and adorable at the same time. While choosing the best hedgehog house you have to be selective about some points and you have to look after certain things so that your pet hedgehog can stay comfortably there in the cage. If you are wondering about those things to note while getting the best Hedgehog Cage then here are some of those points listed below that you need to check out before getting a home for your pet:


Hedgehog Cage

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Now, this is the most important thing to consider while buying a home for your hedgehog and most of the people commit a mistake here by getting a wrong sized home. Most people get a small house while they totally forget about the fact that the hedgehog would grow bigger and at point of time the pet would need a bigger home. Here most people had to get a second home as well after a few days which results in a wastage of money. Moreover, this animal does need quite a lot of space to settle comfortably so it would be better if you would get a slightly bigger Hedgehog House for your pet. The spare space of the cage would be used by your hedgehog as they love to roam around. It is always recommended to get at least 4 square feet cage for your hedgehog as that would serve your pet for a lifetime.

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Hedgehog Cage

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While other things do matter but nothing seems to be more important than the safety of your pet hedgehog and so you should be very strict about it and while choosing the cage for your hedgehog you need to check whether the cage would be able to provide your pet with all the desired safety or not. Now, a hedgehog is small in size and so they have really tiny legs and moreover, they have poky fur which can get stuck in the floor if you would get netted or wired floor for them and in this ways, they can also hurt themselves at the same time so it is always better to get a solid floor and there should not be any edgy as well as poky ends in the cage. The cage should not have huge openings as well because some wild cats, as well as dogs, can insert their paw to hurt your pet.

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Hedgehog Cage

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Ventilation is very important when it comes to a small house because just like us our pets can also feel suffocated if there would not be proper space for air circulation. There are lots of disadvantages of having poor ventilation and that can actually prove to be very dangerous for your pet. If the ventilation would be good enough then the moisture would be trapped in the cage which would create a bad odor and that bad odor can suffocate your pet to death. If you would go with a solid home then make sure to get certain open space so that fresh air can get into but wired cages seem to be the best option in the case of ventilation so you can keep the walls made up of wires while the floor, as well as rooftop, should be made up of solid material to ensure better security. Similarly, if you have a rabbit then a Rabbit Cage will require such proper care and conditions.

Find Something That is Easy to Clean:

Hedgehog Cage

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Cleaning your pet’s home is as important as cleaning your own home because dirt can invite lots of unwanted health complications and also it can make your pet really sick that in some cases death has also resulted which no one wants for sure so you need to make sure that the cage should be in a structure which is easy to clean. Hedgehog is a very sensitive animal so a little unhygienic thing can cost them bad health conditions. Here you should make sure that the material of the house is good enough so that cleaning that would be easy. Do not keep unnecessary things in the cage as that can also make the cage dirty and eventually it can make cleaning the cage a task. Make sure to put things that can be easily moved out of the cage so that you can clean them on a daily basis.

Space to Keep Containers:

Hedgehog Cage

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You can keep the food lying on the floor for your pet but you cannot keep water like that right? And just like that, there are certain other things that need to be kept and so you should have a certain space made to keep containers. Now as you already know that a hedgehog love to roam around so there are chances that your pet would hit containers and things would get messy so it is always a better idea to get certain specific holders or hooks in the cage where you can keep the containers in a secure way so that they would not fall even after your pet would hit the container.

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Additional Facilities:

Hedgehog Cage

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If you want to train your hedgehog to become playful then you would have to prove him with certain toys and that you can get customizes in the cage like a swing or a log of wood would be fun things for your hedgehog and your pet will enjoy those things for sure.

Types of Cages:

Hedgehog Cage

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Now that you already know about the essential things about a good cage so it would be easy for you to choose the best one for your pet. There is no particular cage for a hedgehog so you would have to wander around the bird as well as rabbit cages but you can, of course, you can get the cage customized because there are certain specifications that need to be taken care of. It is always better to get a wired cage for your hedgehog just like a rabbit cage but in this case, you should get a solid floor which can be made up on plywood or something like that.

These were certain things that you need to consider while getting a new home for your pet hedgehog and for more such information you can browse through Petsnurturing.


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