how much to feed a puppy

How Much Should You Feed Your Puppy?


Are you a happy parent of a puppy or just thinking of becoming one? If yes, then your one of the most common question will be how much to feed a puppy? In this article, we are going to be your complete guide regarding the feeding of your little friend. The best way to keep a puppy healthy and fit is by feeding him the right amount of food.

Less amount of food can result in various nutritional deficiencies and the more food you feed, the more obese your puppy becomes. So, it is very important to keep a balance in the amount of food you are feeding him.

The Puppy Feeding Timeline:

how much to feed a puppy


Age 6-12 weeks: This is the most tender age for a puppy. The mother’s milk contains the perfect amount of nutrition he needs to protect himself from diseases. In case, he is not receiving his mother’s milk, you should feed him according to a special diet chart. Remember to feed only dry food and four times a day to meet the nutritional demands.

Age 3-6 months: Now, it is time for you to decrease the number of feedings from four to three. In case, he hasn’t lost his potbelly by that time, keep feeding him in small portions until he has a mature body type.

Age 6-12 months: By this time, your pup has reached a point where feeding him twice a day would fulfill his nutritional requirements. Small breeds start eating the dog food by now which is consumed by the adult dogs whereas the large breeds continue growing. Such dogs should be fed the kind of food which would suit their stage of growth and can be easily found in the supermarkets.

After 12 months: After the first birthday of the puppies, two full portions of food a day are perfectly suitable for them.

Feeding of adult food: Safe or not?

how much to feed a puppy


When it comes to feeding him, the thought “After all, it’s just a dog” will definitely come to your mind but you should always remember the nutrition that a puppy requires is completely different than that of an adult dog. The nutrition which is provided at a younger age helps in laying a better foundation for healthy and proper development. The development of bones, brain and various other organs occur at a faster pace and helps in the better functioning of normal functions throughout the life of the dog.

Feeding good-quality of branded dog food also plays an important role in the growth of the dog because such food contains calories in high amounts and lots of proteins, carbs, and micronutrients.

The kibbles of adult dog food are larger in size and their texture is hard as well which can be dangerous if gulped by small puppies as they have small mouths. His teeth, jaws, and in worst cases, his health can be damaged.

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Food type: Wet or Dry?

how much to feed a puppy


Wet food – These are the most expensive kind of food available in the market for dogs. Hence, dogs love to have them. These come in packets, cans, and sometimes even in pouches. Try to choose food which contains the nutrition of all types.

Dry food – These are an extremely economical option. You can feed it just the way it comes in the bag. You can serve it by moistening the food a bit by water or mixing it with some wet food, according to your dog’s liking.

Feeding Chart for a Puppy:

Here is you how much to feed a puppy chart. Maintaining a proper feeding chart for your puppy is very necessary in order to avoid overeating or under eating. Here, we are providing a chart for your dog according to his weight.

WeightAmount of food (in cups) per day
5 pounds½ to 5/8
10 pounds¾ to 1
20 pounds1¼ to 1¾
40 pounds2¼ to 3
60 pounds3 to 4
80 pounds3 2/3 to 5
100 pounds4¼ to 6

Switching from puppy food to adult dog food:

how much to feed a puppy


A sudden change in the diet causes stomach aches and other gastronomical problems in human beings. Things are the same for your dog too. While going through the whole switching process, your dog can suffer from an upset stomach. So, give the process a minimum time period of six days and more, if needed. You can also consult a vet for further instructions.

A dog that has been fed the right amount of food at the right time is a healthy dog. As a result, it is also a happy one. Maintain a strict routine and feed him accordingly. All the members of the house should be committed to the routine. In case, there is a soft target in the family, your puppy will find ways to exploit him/her and thus, ruin your good work.

Check the food properly for any kind of bones or choking items before giving it to your dog. Because being cautious is important.

Also, what’s better than love and care?