Maltese dog information

Important Information About Living Stuffed Toy For Your Home: Maltese Dogs


If you ever thought of having a pet then I am sure dogs are the first option that came to your mind and it is quite obvious, it is said that dogs are the most accept animals as a pet.  They are super adorable and playful which makes them the good choice of the perfect pet. If you too want a toy dog in your home then a Maltese dog can be the best option for you.

People love having them and the best thing about dogs is that they come in a wide range of varieties to choose from, there are pure breeds of dogs and mix breeds as well so you can have one who would stay fit for your family.

Dogs can be categorize into two groups, one group has all the guard dogs and the other group has toy dogs. Toy dogs are those with a height of a toy hence they are the small cute creature to have in your home. Being so small these toy dogs need special attention as well as care so knowing few details about them is quite important. Here is some little Maltese dog information that you should know before having one in your home so that you can take better care of them.


Maltese dog information

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This tiny creature originates from the central Mediterranean and the name of this dog came from a small place out there called malta. This small dog can be with you till 15 years maximum which is quite long as compared to that any other dog breeds. Their tiny structure makes them this cute as well as adorable and they cannot grow more than 20-25 cm in height and they can weigh a maximum of 4 kg.

Which is quite light so anyone can handle as well carry them even a small kid can manage them. They are the ones with two long ears which looks too adorable on them and their ears are usually cover with long fur. Basically, the Maltese dog is known for its long fur which can be decorate or style in many ways. Their long hair is the reason why most of the celebrities have them and they are quite popular on social networking sites as well for their stylish appearances.

You get to do a lot of experiments with these cute little furball dogs and you can even trim their fur and have them short to escape from all those fur maintenances. Their fur is so dense that when fur covers their ears it literally looks like a hairstyle. They basically come in white color fur with you can always experiment with their hair color by coloring them artificially.


Maltese dog information

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If you have the assumption that these tiny little bundle of joy gets scare easily. Not at all aggressive then you might be mistaking them. Just like a celebrity, they are full of attitude and they are quite aggressive as well. You will be shock to know that these tiny dogs are fearless. They can react to you if they would feel anything strange about you. Also, they are friendly with everyone but they don’t like being around strangers.

They can adjust to any room size. So even if you stay at a small apartment you can still have them. But these dogs are so sensitive that if you would ever misbehave with them they are being broken from inside. Which can make them really sick. Also, they can spend hours playing with kids and or even alone. If you have any other pet in your home. This dog would adjust with other pets. As well but what they fear the most is being alone.

They love being pamper as well as cuddle by the human as give a quick response when love. Training them is quite easy as they tend to learn things faster. They also love to perform certain stunts so it will be a good experience if you own Maltese dogs.

Health and care:

Maltese dog information

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This dog breed is usually a healthy breed and does not suffer a lot. But just like any other dog breed they also have certain health complications. It is not necessary that Maltese would have to suffer from any disease. But is always a better idea to be aware of a disease. So one of the most common diseases that Maltese usually get is patellar luxation.

White dog shaker syndrome, hypoglycemia, progressive retinal atrophy, reverse sneezing, etc. It is always recommend to take your dog for a checkup once in a while. Any illness should not be ignore. They have really long and lustrous hairs which need to be taken care of. Also, They get sunburn easily so you should take them out under the sun ray for a long time.

They need a hair wash way too often as compare to any other dog breed. You have to make sure that they do not any pests in their hairs. Also, they are jolly in nature so you don’t have to take them out for exercise regularly. Rather they get their desire workout through games. These were a few of the information about Maltese dog that you should know before having one as your pet.