Rhodesian ridgeback puppy

Important Information As Well As Facts About The Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy


Pet is something everyone wants in life and the fact cannot be denied that pets can be your best companion ever and they are the one who would never ever betray you in any conditions. Having a pet is definitely a matter of happiness and this is for sure everyone wants to get some happiness in their life. Dogs are said to be the most reliable pets ever that one can have as they stay most loyal towards its owner or family. If you go to the market you would get a large variety of dogs which you can have in your home as a pet but the choice of dogs differs from person to person. There are mainly two kind of dog category one is the toy dog which you can classify by their small as well as cute body another is the guard dog who are generally large fearless dog which stays too alert all the time. If you are the one who wants to have a guard dog then Rhodesian ridgeback puppy can be a good option for you. These dogs have their origins from the southern region of Africa and are known as hunting dogs as well. fortunately they can be domesticated and trained as well so you can too have one in your home, one puppy of Rhodesian ridgeback puppy would cost you around 700 to 2000 dollars but before you have one here are few information that would be helpful for you in order to take better care of them as well as to train them in a better way:


Rhodesian ridgeback puppy

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These beasts are so strong that fighting with a lion won’t even fear them and their strength shows in their muscular yet slim body which seems perfect. Once you would bring a puppy he would survive for almost 10 to 12 years which is its maximum lifespan. They however do not look adorable at all though they were never suppose to look adorable rather they look aggressive which matches their personality a lot. They have a long body which can grow up to 61 to 66 and 63 to 69 cm long for female and male respectively. The average body weight of a female dog breed is about 29 to 34 kg where as a male dog can have a body weight up to 36 to 41 kg. They are definitely not light weighted so no everyone can handle these beasts. They have short flat furs which are most reddish to whitish in color and they have thing long tale as well as a pair of ears which is slightly tilted towards their face. The long two pairs of legs definitely help them a lot in hunting as well as in running. Their nose as well as ear section is usually quite darker than their entire body.


Rhodesian ridgeback puppy

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It is because of their fearless nature that they are also called as African lion hound. They are such kinds of dogs which doesn’t need much attention of your rather they can stay alone and are habituated to maintain themselves on their own. They need time to get socialized with new people so there are chances that it may misbehave at some point if they find any person suspicious. Fortunately they don’t bark a lot so at the quite times they won’t disturb you a lot and unlike other naughty dogs they won’t dig a lot. They are obedient as well as loyal towards their master and often does not take any step before they are been ordered. They are gentle but extremely sensitive at the same time so misbehaving with them might prove to be dangerous. If you have a small apartment then they might not adjust in your home because they need some space to stay freely. They are quite active unlike the big lazy hounds so can be a bit dangerous. Training them is easy as they are obedient and generally would obey all your instructions.

Health complications as well as care:

Rhodesian ridgeback puppy

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This dog breed is generally a healthy breed and does not suffer a lot though just like other dog breeds they tend to have small health issues such as canine hip dysplasia, hip dysplasia as well as hypothyroidism and deafness is also common in them though the situation is temporary. They are the low maintenance dog breed which does not need a lot to be done for them. You just have to clean them occasionally and they are good to go.

These were little information about Rhodesian ridgeback puppy which you should keep in mind before adopting one as your pet.