Seresto Cat Collar Reviews

Know Why Do You Need A Collar For Little Cute Kitten


Looking to end your cat’s unending battle with fleas and finally have that fat kitten you have always wanted? Look no further, we have got you sorted. We put together this guide on collar for cat to make your decision on which is the right one for you, far easier!    Nobody likes to see their once fat kitten, turn home for ticks and fleas. Well, at least we don’t ( there’s really not a lot of things more graceful looking than a plump, fat kitten. )We’d like to save you the hassle of going through all the available items to make a choice so we put together this guide on Seresto Cat Collar Reviews. Let’s delve into it!

Factors To Put In Consideration Before Purchasing A Flea Collar For Your Cat:

1) Type

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There are quite a handful of types of collars to pick from for your cat let’s take a look at them.

  • Insecticidal flea collars

These types contain chemicals that kill fleas and ticks likely to attack your cat.

  • Biological flea collars

Their composition is mostly made up of very potent herbs. They aim to bring to bring the very best of results as well as comfort to your pet. Due to its mostly natural ingredients, it is environmental friendly as well.

  • Ultrasonic collars

These are a special type. They implement the use of ultrasound waves to ward off tick and fleas attacks on your cat.

2) Cost

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Second on our list is the importance of determining and budgeting how much you would spend on obtaining a collar for your kitten. It’s important to strike a balance between quality and what you are willing to spend on it. With that said, the ideal situation will be to be on the lookout for the most quality item within a reasonable price range.  

Tip: Remember it will be in your own interest to buy an item of the highest quality within your budget. It will save you the time of not being satisfied with the item you bought and having to go purchase another in a short term. In actual fact, it will save you some extra cash in the long run as well.  

3) Size

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Another very important factor to consider is size. It will be appropriate to buy an item which fits your pet’s build really well. This takes away the discomfort of wrapping a really tight collar around your kitten’s neck and on the flip side, a rather oversized one which will fall off in no time.

Adjustability Besides buying a collar which is the right size, it will also do a lot of good to have an adjustable collar since the size of your pet isn’t going to be static. This will save you the extra cost of purchasing a new collar when your kitten fattens up or due to some conditions, sheds a few extra pounds.

Seresto Cat Collar Features

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Let’s name a few of the amazing features of Seresto Cat Collars:

Absolutely no mess left behind, no grease whatsoever and completely odourless. – It provides a long duration use of use. Up to a whopping 8 months! – Designed to enable cat use its strength to widen the collar if trapped – Very easy to apply.

Now let’s look at some general Pros and Cons of the Seresto Cat Collars:

Pros –

  • They come packed with reflective clips which help increase night-time visibility of cat.
  • Veterinarian recommended.
  • Offers protection for a long duration of time.
  • Kills fleas and ticks through contact.
  • Doesn’t wait till your cat has been bitten to get to work.

Cons –

  • Due to its escape mechanism, the collar tends to come off a bit easier.
  • Might take a little time before results become noticeable


If your end goal is to provide your kitten total comfort and freedom from tick and fleas, this is your best bet to achieving just that. Simply purchase one of your choices from the variety they have available and attain a healthy, tack-free, fat kitten.