small dog breeds with picture

List Of Smallest Dog Breeds Which You Can Get As Your Pet


Smallest dog breeds are usually termed as toy dogs and they got this name because of their small size as well as their cute appearance. Celebrities go crazy for their cuteness and most of the stars go for a toy dog as their pets. Here are few small dog breeds with picture so that you can check them out and decide what to get for your home:

Yorkshire terrier:

Yorkshire terrier: small dog breeds

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They are often called as Yorkie and are one of the cutes small dog breeds that you can have in your home. They are so small that they sometimes can fit perfectly in a small bowl or you can even find them literally of a tea cup size. Well this dog breed is known as one of the most fashionable dog breed since a long time. As they have really long dense fur so they are easy to groom and hair stylist do a lot of experiments on them and one picture as well as videos of them goes viral on social media platform like crazy.


Papillon: small dog breeds

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This is small dog breed are excellent companion despite of their small size they are brave. This dog breed loves to be pampered and is very affectionate towards their owner. They are very playful which them very good with the kids. Most amazing fact about them is that they are a very good watch dog so if anything strange would happen around them then they would definitely bark and let you know about the happenings. They have quite large fur which is all over their body and the most adorable part of their body is their large ears which appear just like a butterfly.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel:

Cavalier King Charles spaniel: small dog breeds


They can be the perfect cuddle partner that you would ever get and their big floppy ears make them appear super cute. They are so caring as well as protective about their masters that a small change can bother them. Also, they are one of the most popular longest-living dog breeds that even celebrities own. They have really large fur which is dense and they come in a variety of colors and mostly the combination of brown and white is common.

Brussels griffon:

Brussels griffon: small dog breeds

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It is one of the cutest small dog breeds that you would ever have as a pet. Even if you have cats in your home then also you can have this dog breed. As they are quite friendly with cats and they might not be too good with kids. As they prefer serving a single owner so this dog might be friendly with you but may not like any other family members of yours. They are intelligent which makes them obey your command easily.

Shih tzu:

Shih tzu: small dog breeds


Just like their adorable name they too are very cute in real life. Their one picture, as well as video, tends to get viral each time an owner uploads them. They have a pair of ears that come down till their complete face and are cover with furs as well. So it literally looks as if this dog has got a bob cut. They are jolly and love to play around which makes them perfect for both adults as well as for kids. Also, they do need a lot of grooming as their long fur sheds a lot so you need to brush them often.


Maltese: small dog breeds


This white furball looks so charming as well as adorable that you cannot hold yourself for long without loving them. They get to attach to their owner and they hate being alone as loneliness may depress them. They have long furs which they shed a lot so they need daily brushing.

These were few small dog breeds with pictures. So that you can choose the perfect one for your family and enjoy their company.