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I had a trip to the mountains in recent days. I never thought that my passion would follow me there as well (writing about pets!). But as you know, you can’t ignore the things you love. My love for pets (particularly dog!) is on another level. I saw dogs that were adorable and quite fierce. And that made me think about mountain dog breeds. It’s a common fact that dogs are omnipresent. You will find them everywhere, even in the smallest village. The question that came into mind after looking at them was, “Are they any different from regular dog breeds?”

My mind said, have you gone nuts? They are also dogs. Their ancestors are the same. They didn’t come from an alien planet. Makes sense, right? But curiosity worm, never let you get satisfied with simple answers.

The same thing happened with me, and I was on the internet to get all the details regarding dogs that lived in the mountains. And the main concern was – Do they make a good pet? 

You are here because either you would have seen the mountain dogs in real or just read somewhere about them or maybe just to satisfy your hunger for the information on pets.

So here in this article, you will find all the necessary information on the mountain dog breeds from their breed group to their possibility of being a good pet.

So, strengthen the grip on your heart and don’t get overwhelmed while reading about the canines that are mountaineers in the dog family. Why? Because this list has the pups that you always wished to get your hands on! 

1. Great Pyrenees

mountain dog breeds


Breed Group:- Working Group

Origin:- France

Height:- 25 inches to 32 inches

Weight:- 85 to 100 pounds

Life Expectancy:- 10 to 12 years

Traits:- Affectionate, Gentle, Courageous, Patient, Calm, Serious (Somewhat)

The Great Pyrenees has a great history. They are so old that their fossils were also found. This breed was own by Queen Victoria as well. And they were also used to haul the heavy weapons during WWII. This white beauty was essential for farmers due to its natural instinct of being courageous and protect livestock.

Does it make a good pet?

Yes, it is an excellent companion for a family with children too. But it has an inbuilt quality of stubbornness, and it may be a slow learner. Patience is the key while training pyres. By the way, it barks a lot, so if you can’t tolerate barking, don’t get it. 

Last but not least, this dog can’t tolerate heat and loves to stay in cold weather.

2. Saint Bernard

mountain dog breeds


Breed Group:- Working Group

Origin:- Switzerland

Height:- 27 inches to 35 inches

Weight:- 140 to 264 pounds

Life Expectancy:- 8 to 10 years

Traits:- Lively, Watchful, Friendly, Calm, Gentle

St. Bernards are the real heroes of the mountains. There are countless stories where this adorable dog has rescued someone and saved their life. They were bred for the rescue purpose only. And is known for its size. It is one of the most expensive dog breeds.

Does it make a good pet?

Yes, absolutely. But only if you can give it attention properly. They are social dogs and loves to be surrounded by people. Don’t let it feel left alone; it can get into depression or worse, it can get destructive.

Apart from its size, it is famous for loud snoring and drooling. Yeah! That’s true. So think twice before you get it. But the thing I will state here might draw you towards it more and more. He is playful, lovable, and loves its companion and family to the core.

Last but not least, it also has independent streak (so early socialization is much needed), but it strives to please its owner.

3. Siberian Husky

mountain dog breeds


Breed Group:- Working Group

Origin:- Siberia

Height:- 19 inches to 23 inches

Weight:- 35 to 60 pounds

Life Expectancy:- 12 to 15 years

Traits:- Intelligent, Friendly, Outgoing, Gentle, Alert

This tough-looking guy is very gentle and friendly in behavior. Its history dates back to around 3000 years ago. They were bred from Chukchi sled dogs, and since then, they are used as working dogs. They haul sleds for the survival of people in harsh arctic conditions.

Does it make a good pet?

No doubt, it does make a good pet. But they aren’t good for novice owners. They need regular exercise and training sessions in order to maintain their milder nature. Also, they are drawn towards people and are very kind.

They are very active and playful. The thing that will attract you the most is its look. Those blue eyes with a thick coat will steal your heart. Such a handsome hunk!

Last but not least, if you are ready to stay committed to this breed, then only get it. Once this fluffy kid is at your place, it is all yours and will do anything to protect you.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

mountain dog breeds


Breed Group:- Working Group

Origin:- Switzerland

Height:- 22 inches to 27 inches

Weight:- 70 to 115 pounds

Life Expectancy:- 6 to 8 years

Traits:- Intelligent, Faithful, Affectionate, Loyal

Ever seen a perfect all-rounder? Bernese is a mountain dog with beautiful looks and an all-rounder at work. It could pull carts and herd cattle too. Bernese is considered the best friend of herders and dairymen.  

Does it make a good pet?

Yeah, it does make a good pet, but that comes with an extra need and care. It has a thick and fluffy coat that needs to be brushed twice a month. Bernese is a dog with a good nature. It will get attached to a particular person, even if it shows love for all the members of the family. There will be only one favorite person.

Last but not least, this pup likes hiking and will enjoy a walk to the park or garden, as it loves to watch nature’s creation. Make sure you socialize it in puppyhood only, so that it can enjoy adulthood properly.

5. Akita

mountain dog breeds


Breed Group:- Working Group

Origin:- Japan

Height:- 22 inches to 27 inches

Weight:- 50 to 174 pounds 

Life Expectancy:- 10 to 13 years

Traits:- Bold, Willful, Courageous, Alert, Intelligent, Loyal, Alert

Doesn’t it look like a fluff ball? When I saw its picture, I wanted to get it and cuddle it. This cute-looking pup was once used as a hunting dog. Heart-breaking, right? Anyone will get trapped with its cute look. They were famous for hunting bears and deer. They used to keep them at bay until the master arrives. Impressive, right?

Does it make a good pet?

Obviously, it does. The biggest example is of Hachiko. He was so loyal to his parent Ueno that he waited for him for nine years following his death. 

But there is a great deal in having them if you are a novice owner, then it is not recommended to have Akita as a pet. It is a powerful dog that will need lifetime training sessions. You will need to do socialization at an early age, as it does have temperamental issues.

Last but not least, don’t keep it with a dog of the same sex, you may regret the decision. It doesn’t get along with the same sex. Ego issues, I guess! 

Mountain Dogs That Won a Place in Your House along with Heart:

I won’t agree if you still say that these adorable, brave, and intelligent puppies didn’t win your heart. They have a shorter lifespan than other dogs. And are prone to diseases that are serious and expensive (from the viewpoint of the owner, not everyone can afford everything). You need to take into consideration every single point before getting one to your home.

There are dogs that aren’t legal to have in every country. So check with your local laws about the same, and see if your nation allows you to have it. Some of them aren’t for novice owners, and some are too expensive to have, but you can consider them as an investment for your emotions.

You will have a friend that will protect you no matter what and the plus point? You can show them off to everyone in your colony while taking a morning walk. Haha! One more thing, most of the mountain dogs can’t tolerate heat and love cold weather.

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