Paw Print Tattoo

Pets are a magician. They can turn any dull or sad mood into a pleasant one with their love and licks. From time to time, they prove their loyalty and love to you by protecting your house from bulgar, put a smile on a face, or helps in shackle away all the worries and tension of life. People opt for different methods to celebrate their presence in our life by celebrating their birthday, gifting them on a regular base. But what about the celebration that lasts forever? How about getting yourself ink with the paw print tattoo.

It will become a permanent reminder of the memories of play, walk, the game of fetch, and all other memorable things you shared with them.

To celebrate the presence of near one, we get their name ink on our body, why can’t we do the same for our pet. After all, they are the constant partner in all the ups and rifts of life, no matter what the situation was. Express your undying love for your pets through the paw print tattoo.

Here are some of the coolest and beautiful Paw print tattoo design ideas:

Animal Love

Animal Love: Paw Print Tattoo

Imprint your love forever with this animal love tattoo. The tattoo got small paw print and heart connected with the infinity symbol. It indicates the love between you and your pet is beyond the infinity. This tattoo is perfect for a dog, cat, or any other animal parent. Even the animal lover who does not possess any pet can still show their love and care through this tattoo.

Husky Paw

Husky Paw

Capture the free spirit, playfulness, and loyalty of your husky dog in the husky paw tattoo. The hair on the paw gives the impression of a realistic look. You can choose the size of the paw for the most realistic look. The ideal place to get it inked is the forearm.

Floral Paw Print

Floral Paw Print

Embrace the love for flowers and animals together in a single tattoo called floral paw tattoo. In this tattoo, along with the paw, you can see some curves and leaves. This is a girl kind of tattoo, best for the area above the toes.

Blue Paw

blue paw tattoo

Why your love is limited to black ink when you can shower the lover with the blue paw design. Here in the tattoo, the inner part of the paw is imprinted.

Dog Paw

Dog Paw tattoo

The dog is considered as the most loyal and best friend of the human being. Sprinkle your love for your best friend in the form of a dog paw tattoo. This tattoo is really cute and adorable, just like your dog. You can get it to ink on foot to show off the world, how much your dog means to you.

Wolf Paw Print

Wolf Paw Print: Paw Print Tattoo

Wolf is the most powerful animal. Get this power inked on your arm. This indicates the strong personality of yours. Here the face is imprinted in the tattoo, and eyes give the feel like piercing. This furious and yet cute wolf paw tattoo deserves more recognition. You can know more about the Wolf Dog species which looks similar to a wolf.

Tiny Finger Tattoo

Tiny Finger Tattoo: Paw Print Tattoo

A little tattoo can do wonder just like this tiny finger tattoo. To shower your love tattoo size does not matter at all. Small paw on the index or any finger is cute and adorable.

Rainbow Paw

Rainbow Paw: Paw Print Tattoo

Life is full of color, and so as your paw needs to be. It looks speculator with the paw design and heart within the paw print. The result would be an extraordinary and awe-striking tattoo on the front part of your shoulder.

Cat Paw Print

Cat Paw Print

Mark the super entry of your kitty with this tattoo. It shows the cat is walking and leaving her paw imprint behind. The super cute heart in the shape of the paw adds a cherry to the cake. Are you ready to meow with cat paw print?

Paw Tattoo on Backside of the Ear

Paw Tattoo on Backside of the Ear

Time to show off the world your love for your pet with the tiny and yet super charming tattoo. Just two or three imprints of tattoo behind the ear look terrific.

Paw With Name

Paw With Name

Go a step further and imprint your pet name along with the paw. It indicates how much you value and love your pet. Go and show your love towards these magicians.

Heart and Paw

Heart and Paw: Paw Print Tattoo

How cute is it? Create the heart outline with the small paws and a giant paw inside this heart. You can also put the name of your pet on the outline of this heart.

Temporary Glitter Tattoo

Temporary Glitter Tattoo: Paw Print Tattoo

If you are not sure about the permanent tattoo, then the temporary tattoo is also a great option. A blue glitter tattoo looks terrific on your forearm or back of the palm. These kinds of tattoo are, especially for kids and teenagers.

Ink Your Love

Paw Print Tattoo

Show off your love for your pet through Pawprint tattoo. Which is your favorite paw tattoo design?

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