Facts About Rats

Some Facts About Rats And Methods Of Rat Care


Rats are often not considered as a good and clean animal as pets. In fact, a lot of people shudder at the very thought of seeing a rat anywhere near them. But rats are pretty much interesting creatures and we shall get to know some Facts About Rats as you further go on reading this article presented by Petsnurturing.

Facts About Rats

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1. Rats are pretty much social and compassionate creatures. They are very much fond of their companions and when they lack the required companionship, they get depressed and lonely.

2. Rats are known to have an excellent memory. They can easily remember their navigation route and certain breeds of rats are known to swim water for good three days and hold their breath in water for three minutes.

3. Although considered dirty by most humans, they are actually very clean animals and spend a lot of time in grooming themselves and other members of the group. They are in fact, much less likely to catch parasitic infections than dogs and cats.

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Facts About Rats

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4. A rat’s tail which is enough to make anyone shudder out of fear is of great importance to them as it is the tail with which they communicate, balance and maintain their body temperature.

5. Rats Teeth are known to never stop growing and grow five inches every year. Their teeth are really strong ones that gnaw through lead and aluminium sheeting as well.

6. Rats can reproduce really quick. They are known to reproduce within three or four months of their birth.

However, there are few people who really like to have these amazing creatures as their pets and it is essential to keep these pets in a proper manner and in a favorable environment much like other pets. Let’s check on some methods on how can one take care of pet rats.

Facts About Rats

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1. Rats are required to be kept in big cages with ramps and platforms as they are quite active creatures and like to be moving in and around the cages. However, cages with wire flooring are said to be avoided in case of keeping rats as pets as that can lead to bumblefoot.

2. For the food and water, rats are required to have rat block food which is low in calories and fat but has High Soy Meal ingredient. This is a much better option than corn or grams. A clean supply of water is absolutely essential for them.

Facts About Rats

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3. Pet rats should be getting medically treated by a vet once in a while as they may also develop health complications like other pets like respiratory or urinary tract infections. In order for the rat to be living a healthy life, keeping a check on this is an absolute must.

4. Rats are known to have really big nails and need to get trimmed every once a month. They can injure you or even themselves in the course of playing and henceforth usage of nail clippers of humans can also do the work.

As we can see, above are mentioned few such methods of Pet Rat Care and that can keep your rat living a healthy life. Much like other animals as pets, these rats should also be kept with the utmost care and affection.