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Traveling from one place to another can be exceedingly strenuous and hectic. It becomes an even more tiring and concerning matter when you need to move with your pet. Nevertheless, the arduous aspects of the issue do not mean you should leave your beloved friends and family behind merely to avoid a little hassle. Instead, numerous pet transport services and companies have made it possible to fulfill your needs. They allow you to take your pets with you whenever the need to move or shift arises.

Generally, the shift or transport system involving animals does not differ much from humans. In other words, the safety, comfort, and stress-free environment elements remain present. In this article, let us look into the points you should check and consider to find and select the best pet transport services in Melbourne, Australia.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Pet Transport Services

You must consider several aspects when you seek a pet transport service. However, the two most essential points include your pet’s comfort and safety. In other words, any company that does not provide any of the two elements should get avoided.

Besides them, you can deliberate on and count the following points when finding the best pet transport services in Melbourne, Australia:

Transport Carrier or Crate

pets transport services

Unlike humans, the regulations prevent animals from traveling free and unsupervised. For that reason, a transport carrier becomes necessary. The pet transport services keep the pets inside the crates for almost the entirety of the journey.

The exceptions may be when the animals need to excrete, stretch their bodies, or eat. Overall, the presence and system of a transport carrier ensure your pet’s safety.

However, a crate is an enclosed space at the end of the day. Thus, your pet may feel claustrophobic or suffocated inside it. Hence, you should ensure that the transport service you choose matches the carrier size with the animal that will go inside it. In other words, the crate’s dimensions should be large and spacious enough to ensure comfort and coziness no matter how much your pet moves inside it.

On top of that, the transport crate should be temperature-regulated, sturdy, and well-ventilated. It should get made of a high-quality and non-toxic substance or material.

Water and Food

pets transport services

No animal can go for long without food and water. Thus, this point should get ensured by the pet transport company. The best services in this field would provide your pet with them at frequent and regulated intervals. In addition, they would give the water and food in clean and tidy bowls.

Another thing the best pet transport service will ensure is the cleanliness and suitability of the water and food they provide. Thus, the people at hand will check whether the item matches your pet’s taste and diet needs. Furthermore, they will change it if it does not adhere to the requirements.


pets transport services

A journey in an enclosed space is bound to become stressful and uncomfortable. It stands true irrespective of the duration. Thus, breaks become necessary during which your pet can unwind, stretch, and relax. On top of that, they provide the much-needed time for the animals to excrete.

The best services offering pet transport in Melbourne would make the required number of stops between the journey. The longer the shift time, the more breaks would be there.

However, they should not stop incessantly and unnecessarily. Otherwise, it will only contribute to the increase in the total duration of the journey.

Individual or Group Transport

pets transport services

Sometimes, it might become inevitable for your pet to travel with other animals. The pet transport services may make this decision to provide companionship and prevent them from getting lonely. However, the best companies will check beforehand whether your pet is suited for such travels with others.

For instance, the pet transport services would avoid taking your pet with other animals if they have a closed-off and shy personality. In addition, they will deter from such a scenario if they are aggressive. Otherwise, the entirety of the journey will become stressful for your pet.

Thus, the better option is to let such pets travel alone and in a calm environment.

Pet Care

pets transport services

Your pet may get injured or fall sick during the move or shift. Although these scenarios are rare, they may happen unexpectedly. In such cases, the best pet transport services would have a veterinarian ready.

The vets would promptly attend to the sick or injured animals and initiate a suitable treatment regime. It may entail first aid or necessary medicines to reduce stomachaches or fevers.

What Are the Transport Systems You Can Avail of to Move Your Pets?

Two ways exist in which you can transport your pets from one location to another. The first one entails traveling through the land, and the other encompasses moving through the air. Let us discuss each.

Ground Transport

pets transport services

Ground transport is the preferable choice when the journey duration is less. The companies offering the transport services provide special vehicles prepared to accommodate the animals. They ensure the comfort and safety of your pets.

The best service selection would depend on their sensitivity, experience, licenses, and relevant training. In addition, you must ensure that the companies check and personalize the move according to your pet’s specific requirements based on their health, habits, and preferences.

Air Transport

pets transport services

You should go for air transport if the journey duration is comparatively and significantly longer than by ground. In such cases, you can check up on the specific regulations and then avail of pet-friendly airlines.

For instance, a few guidelines and rules state that the pet you take must not be aggressive or less than eight weeks old. On top of that, they must remain in optimum health condition. In other words, they should not be pregnant, sick, injured, or in a recovering state. Otherwise, the transport can take a toll on their bodies.

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