Pit Bull Facts

5 Pit Bull Facts Every Dog Lover Should Know


Pit bulls are beautiful dogs enjoying global popularity. Their gentle nature and presence of mind have made them so iconic, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. The fun thing is that their appearance is so cute, that it is deceptive of their power. You can’t imagine how these sweet little dogs could be so agile and energetic. However, people who are dog enthusiasts know that there are many facts regarding this breed. 

Now, with their varying size, these dogs come up with specific diet plants and many more maintenance requirements. If you already have one, you must know the pitbull life expectancy, its grooming need, and everything.

Important Facts About Pit Bull

The following points are given on Pit Bull breeds because you might be an owner of one, but these facts are unknown to you. Read on to know what are the facts. Don’t forget to teach these to your kids so that they grow up to be really wise. 

1. Origin of Pit Bull

Pit Bull Facts

Source: thesprucepets.com

Some people say it is the USA or some people believe it is basically an English dog. The truth is that they actually belong to the US, when it was known as Olde English Bull Dog, in all probability. After that, multiple breeding and crossbreeding happened, and there was a mix with terriers as well and finally, it landed in America. In the new country, people loved the mixed breed and it flourished like anything. So, it is actually a crossbred type which is known as the pit bull. 

2. Fascination for Humans

This is a warm fact that will melt your heart, too, if you are a dog lover. These dogs are actually fond of humans. But you may ask, which pet dog isn’t? Actually, they are supposed to be loyal and friendly, but this breed takes these words to on another level. The attachment that these dogs can have with their human counterparts is awesome. 

3. Wrinkle Face

Pit Bull Facts

Source: petplace.com

It is like they grow backward, and there is no denying the fact that it is quite fascinating. Their face is full of wrinkles when it comes to their initial days. Now the funny thing is that those wrinkles decrease as they grow up gradually. It is like they look older when they are young, and start looking younger when they are older. This is called reverse aging and pit bulls are the proof. Although the wrinkles is limited on the forehead mostly. 

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4. Children Guard

The trustworthiness of the dogs is so high that earlier they were kept to guard little babies or toddlers at home. Parents used to feel very safe with the “maid dogs” around their children. They were alternatively known as “nurse dogs”. Nowadays, all pets dogs are good friends with kids, but pit bulls will go down in history for being the helpful kids. 

5. Sporty Breed

Pit Bull Facts

Source: chewy.com

These dogs have intense agility and enthusiasm that can be utilized well. For example, for animal sports or game competitions, pit bulls are a wonderful selection. Their strength, endurance power, and energy all are ideal for getting them to play sports. The only con is that they can be adamant at times which makes the entire thing a little bit difficult. So, make sure you have pit bulls in some good moods because when they are happy they can do anything. 

Apart from that, there are some fun facts related to pit bulls. Like they can climb the house fence, they used to be soldiers’ friends and all because of their wonderful companionship and agile behavior. One fact that is not all fun is that this is the dog type, especially the breed that is euthanized the most, in the country of US. 


If you have one pit bull terrier, then you should know what kinds of dog you have. This is classy, fun, playful, and warm to say the least. Enjoy what you have, and take care of the dogs that come up with many sizes, depending on what crossbreeds you actually possess. The fun facts have both the history and scientific information mixed. You will be impressed to know that Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt, both presidents had this breed.