Pomeranian dog breeds

All You Need To Know About The Poms


The Pomeranian dog breeds are often referred to as Poms. They are a variant of the Spitz breed and they are named after Pomerania, a region in North West Poland and north East Germany of central Europe. It is classified as a toy breed because of its small size. A number of royals have been known to have Pomeranians.

Pomeranian dog breeds


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In the 18th century Queen Victoria has a very small Pomeranian and as a consequence of this, the smaller variant of the breed became very popular. Overall, the Pomeranian dog is sturdy and similar to lively little balls of energy. However, they do have their challenges and their health issues. Today we, the Pets Nurturing are going to give you a comparative and qualitative study of the Pomeranian breed.

Pomeranian dog breeds


Characteristics And Temperament:

Pomeranian dog breeds



The Pomeranian dog is a small dog that stands at around 5-11 inches height and weighs around 2-3.5 kgs. They have a ruff of fur in their neck region formed of their top furry coat which is a characteristic of the Pomeranian dog breeds. They come in a variety of colours like black, brown, red, white, cream, blue, sable, spotted or any combination of the above. They are a breed that is said to have the most colour variations amongst all dog breeds.

Pomeranian dog breeds


They have a thick double coat that is not difficult to groom but they do need regular grooming (Experts suggest that it be done daily to maintain the quality of the coat). Pomeranian dogs do shed constantly so trimming is also necessary within a period of one to two months. The Pomeranians have a very lively and playful temperament which makes them love their humans with all their hearts but this also makes them very possessive and in turn sulky when they do not get enough attention. They can get aggressive around other dogs and have a slight barking problem but they are an intelligent breed that can be trained and socialized using proper training methods.

Grooming And Care Tips:

Pomeranian dog breeds


  1. Brushing: at least twice a week with a slicker brush with curved wire bristles.
  2. Bathing: As often as desired. Use a high-quality dog shampoo and a detangling conditioner if possible.
  3. After bath grooming: Use a dryer to dry your dog’s fur completely. Also, brush while you blow dry the fur to avoid tangles.
  4. Watch out for mats and get them sorted early with the slicker brush.
  5. Haircuts.

Pomeranian dog breeds


Health And Diseases:

Pomeranian dog breeds


The Pomeranians live up to 12-16 years. With proper diet and exercise, you can allow your Pomeranian to live a healthy and disease-free life. The Pomeranian, in spite of its light build, suffers from a health problem called hip dysplasia. They are prone to get affected easily with diseases in their teeth ear or eyes due to lack of proper grooming or routine care. They are also susceptible to early tooth loss which is why it is preferable to feed them dry food.

Pomeranian dog breeds


Luxating patella is the name of a common disease that affects this particular breed which causes immense pain in the feet of the dog. Another condition is the tracheal collapse which happens when the tracheal wings in the windpipe weaken and get crushed. The symptoms include a cough that sounds similar to the sound of a goose honking, an extreme dislike towards exercise, fainting spells. The symptoms become worse as the dog grows older. Pomeranians are also likely to suffer from alopecia or a darkening of the skin due to pigmentation. This condition is often called the black skin disease.

Pomeranian dog breeds


This affects the males of the breed more than the females. Mostly this happens after or during puberty but this can also occur at any other age. The Pomeranians also commonly suffer from a disease called cryptorchidism which is the condition when one or both of the testicles fail to come down into the scrotum. This can only be treated by surgical removal.

Pomeranian dog breeds


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