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Some Important Facts About Poodles That Would Help You In Choosing The Perfect One For Your Home


Dogs are truly adorable and the best thing is you would get a perfect dog breed according to your preference and if you want a toy dog then a poodle dog would fit best in your house. These cute tiny dogs can be a perfect companion for your kid. These dogs are so attractive in appearance that you cannot resist loving them. These cute paw friends are so jolly that they won’t ever fail to entertain you no matter what your mood is. Here are few poodle facts that you need to know before getting one in your home as a pet:


poodle dog

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These dogs seem like a bush of fur and appear the same as a stuff toy, these curly fur make them more attractive as well as adorable. As these tiny creatures came in being through the process of breeding different dogs so there are quite a lot of poodle mixes to choose from for your home and their size varies, they come in three-four different sizes which are toy poodle, standard, miniature and medium poodle.

A medium poodle would have a height between 35 to 45 cm and a miniature poodle won’t exceed the height of 28 to 25 cm whereas a standard-size poodle can grow up to 60 cm and the toy poodle would have a height between 24 to 28 cm and are consider as smallest among all type of poodles. They are light weight and weigh around 5-10 pounds which makes it easier for everyone to carry them. They have long ears that too completely cover with fur and their furs are usually short and curly. If you would bring a poodle puppy in your home then he would stay with you for around 12 to 15 years.

The most attractive thing about poodles are their tails, they usually have around bushy tail that looks like a balloon through it completely depends upon the maintenance so you need to groom your poodle way too often in order to keep it beautiful. They come in a wide range of colors starting from black, tan, brown, white and many more.


poodle dog

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Poodles are usually intelligent so they tend to socialize faster than any other animals. Their active appearance is something which makes them extra adorable and anyone falls in love with them easily. These are so friendly creatures that you won’t have to wait for long to have them comfortable in your house; they get mix with human way too easily and they are good with other pets as well so if you desire to have another pet then you can as would adjust with them as well.

These dogs are quite alert so they will let you know if anything strange takes place and at times they even might end up barking too much. They are faithful to their owner so they might turn up a little protective at times which is absolutely normal.

Health issues:

poodle dog

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There are a quite few health disorders that your poodle may suffer from. So it is always recommend to take proper care if you got a poodle in your home. They mostly tend to get hip dyspepsia where their hip joints become a weak resulting in difficulty in jumping. Even getting up as well as walking might be a problem for them.

This health issue takes place if your poodle would gain too much weight. Apart from this thyroid, hypoglycemia, retinal atrophy, epilepsy, etc are some common diseases. That poodles suffer the most. So need to take your poodle to a good vet at every constant interval. Just to make sure that your poodle stays healthy for a long time.

These were few facts about poodle that would help to take better care of your poodle. You enjoy a good time till the time your small fur buddy would be with you.