what to feed stray cats

Some Of The Best Options Of Food That You Can Feed To Your Stray Cats


Not all cats get a place in our home and that is the reason we get to see too many stray cats all around us. They are present in each section of the world. These cats mostly stay up hungry which makes them hunt small animals such as birds, mice, and many other animals are there in the list. If you wonder that what to feed stray cats then here are a small list of foods that you can give to the stray cat that stays close to your house:

But if you would be kind enough to get some food to those hungry stray cats then might not hunt that much. Also stealing food from your house would be minimized as well. 

Boiled fish and even fish bones:

what to feed stray cats

Source :- pet-grub.com

Cats need a high protein but a low carb diet in order to stay healthy. It is for sure that you don’t want to see a sick cat around you. As the cat gets some dangerous diseases which may affect your living too. You can always give your fish to them preferably the boiled one. Because oil and butter may result in too much shedding in them.

You can even get them the leftover fish bones as fish bones contain a high amount of protein which is very nutritional for them. Make sure the stray cat is big enough that it can chew on the fish bones properly. Otherwise, it may damage their organs so if you find a baby cat near it is always safe to remove the fish bones. After then serve them the food.

Fish should be occasional as it might affect the ability of their survival as they won’t be fed fish every time they are hungry. You can even give them canned tuna. But the quantity of the fish served should be maintained and it should not exceed.

Rice along with lentils and ground liver:

what to feed stray cats

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Cats would get a sufficient amount of nutrients from the lentils as it is pact with iron, protein, magnesium, and many more. So if you would treat them with a small number of lentils then you ay observe a very good change in their health. Most of us do not eat chicken livers so now you can use them by feeding them to a stray cat.

Chicken liver is pact with protein as well so having them in their meal would make them energetic. It would keep their health and they would be less likely to kill small animals. Rice on the other hand is to just balance out the portion of food that needs to be served to a cat. Because lentils, as well as liver, should not be served in too much quantity.


what to feed stray cats

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Eggs are no less than a treat to them and if you would treat them with eggs. Then they would be able to get the desired amount of protein that their body needs. The egg is nutritious for both cats as well as for humans. So at times, you can share your egg meals with them. You can even serve them with just boiled eggs mixed with boiled rice in order to quench their thirst. As well as their need for nutrients.

It is being observed that stray cats often attach to the bird’s nest in order to get the bird eggs. So if you would fulfill their need for eggs by feeding them then they would be less likely to attach to the bird’s nest.


what to feed stray cats

Source :- felinewellness.com

This should not be regular as some cats may be lactose but they still cannot resist having milk. You should not give them full-fat milk rather you should always remove the fat before feeding them. Having fat may harm their health and may even face too much shedding of their fur.

Feeding a stray cat would always make you kind because by feeding them you are helping an animal. Who no one wants to adopt or feed. So these were some of the safest as well as inexpensive food that you can feed to our stray cats. Just to make sure that they stay up healthy and do not kill small innocent animals. Hope you got the right answer to your question of what to feed stray cats.