Akita dog

Things You Need To Know About Akita Breed Before Having Them In Your Home


Dogs can be the perfect pet for your home and the fact cannot be deny that they come up with loads of joy as well as happiness. As you already know that there are endless numbers of dog breeds present in the market which opens up too many options for you and I am sure that you can also get a pup according to your preference. Choosing a good breed of dog is very important and if you are going with an aggressive dog then you need to be more careful than ever towards them. If you too love a strong breed of dogs that looks super cute then Akita dog can be your perfect pick for your home.

Don’t go with their looks they are aggressive and strong in reality so you need to be quite well while dealing with them. Here are some facts as well as important information Akita breeds which you should know in order to take care of your dog and to train as well as deal with them like a pro:


Akita dog

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This particular dog breed looks super cute and attractive that you cannot resist loving them. They are bushy in appearance with quite long fur all over their body. Their fluffy tail which is bent inwards makes them look totally adorable. There are mainly two kinds of Akita breeds one breed is originating from Japan and commonly known by the name of Akita Inu. Another breed who have their origins from America is famously known as American Akita.

Akita puppy comes in a wide range of colors such as white, brindle, red fawn, fawn, sesame, tan, etc. They often come in combination where you would get various color on their back. But the abdominal part of their body always comes in white or off white colors. Once you would have an Akita pup he would stay with you for 10-15 years. Which is quite more than any other breed of dogs.

A female Akita might grow up to 61 to 66 cm of height and can have a weight up to 35 to 59 kg whereas a male Akita can grow up to 64 to 71 cm in height and can have weight up to 45 to 59 kg. They have small ears and black small noses in general.


Akita dog

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These dogs need to be handle with care due to their aggressive nature. If you are not well in dog training then you should learn a lot then have them. They are kind of possessive about their territory so they are not at all friendly towards other animals. Moreover they might not even adjust with similar gender with their same breed.

In case you would mistreat him then you can too become a victim of his aggressive nature. It is said that constant eye contact with Akita can prove to be dangerous as they consider it as a threat. It0 is pity obvious that they would respond accordingly. They may react to strangers but would not betray their owner at any cost. It would attach if they would ever have the feeling of danger around them or their owner.

They are jolly as well as active so you have to be playful with them as well. But be calm as well as patience while interacting with them. Always remember that they master hunting so keep them away from other small dogs or pets.

Health issues:

Akita dog

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They are kind of healthy pups but just like other dogs they too tend to have certain health issues. Such as hip dysplasia, Gastric dilatation-volvulus, Hypothyroidism, Sebaceous adenitis, etc. You should get them to a good vet once in a while so that you can keep perfect track of their health.

These were a few of the information that you should know if you are planning for an Akita. Though they are aggressive good care. As well as love would make them familiar to you as well as to your family.