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Various Types of Dog House for Your Dog Friend


Are you looking for a dog house? Well, it is not easy to find the ideal dog house because of the different breeds. Different dog breeds need different types of dog houses to stay. Not all of them fit in the same kennel. Dog houses vary depending on the kind of dog you own. Every dog has the right to stay in a quality place other than your home. Thus, it is better to find the appropriate dog house for your dog to provide them the right amount of comfort they deserve. Before choosing or finalizing the dog house for your dog, you must understand the difference between different types of dog houses. There are usually two types of dog houses; large and small dog houses. Further, they are subdivided into more different types.

Generally, dog houses are classified on specific parameters. Before discussing the different types of dog houses, let us delve into the factors that should be looked upon while picking a dog house.

Factors to Bear in Mind While Choosing the Dog House

types of dog houses

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If you go through the following factors, you will be easily able to opt for the proper type of dog house. So here is the list of factors that you should keep in mind.

If your dog is gigantic, you need a large dog size house. Your dog may sleep rolled up, but at other times, your dog struggles to coop up in the kennel. Thus, the dog house must sync with the size of your dog. You can also check this out about different types of dog house.

However, we recommend you not to choose a large kennel. Keep in mind the size of your dog and select the house that is one-fourth of your dog’s size. It will make their stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Added to this, dogs spend most of their time in outdoor activities; they use their homes only when exhausted. So, it is pointless to spend on a large kennel when your dog is comfortable in a small one. 

Type of Material

Dog houses are present in different materials depending on your dog’s needs. The material of the dog house makes a huge difference. There are primarily four kinds of dog house materials.

– Polished wood dog house.

– Natural Wood dog house.

– Plastic dog house.

– Manufactured dog house

 Climatic and surrounding factors also play a significant role in selecting the right dog house.

Cooling Feature

Many dogs enjoy their time outdoors. They spend most of their time outdoors. So, while selecting a dog house, choose a cooling featured dog house. Some dog owners stay in hot climatic conditions. In such situations, you must ensure that your dog is blessed with a house that has a cooling feature. 

Insulated Feature

Do you stay in a cold place? If so, you need to keep your dog’s house warm. So, make sure that the kennel is insulated enough to warm your dog. Insulated dog houses assure you that the dog gets a warm and comfortable environment. However, you need to take care of the maintenance and the cost it requires. 

Smooth Walls

Dogs are often not comfortable in wooden or plastic houses. So you need to select a dog house that is made of fabric and smooth walls. A fabricated dog house is the best as they are mobile, i.e.., easy for carriage. It is, however, proven that dogs are more comfortable in smooth-walled dog houses. They feel warm and relaxed staying in a quiet walled dog house. 

Various Types of Dog House

types of dog houses

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Does your dog spend much of its time on the terrace? Nowadays, you can be inventive while selecting the design of your dog house. There are various styles of terrace view dog houses present in the market. You can even customize them as per your choice of preference. 

Terrace view dog houses give your dog the liberty to enjoy the surroundings and the garden view from the terrace. If your dog enjoys these views of nature, this is a must-buy for you.

Dog House with a Porch Area

Dogs like to sit in the porch area for the fantastic view. If you plan to get a dog house or customize it, you can get the dog house with a porch area. Your dog will be endowed with the privilege of sitting in its porch area for hours. 

There is nothing to worry about the size. Porch dog houses are available in various sizes and styles. You can opt for any of the dog houses based on the comfort of your dog. And if you are well aware of the comfort requirements of your dog, you can customize it to give your dog the ultimate comfort they need and deserve.

The Archie Dog House

types of dog houses

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Archie dog house is a perfect choice if your dog enjoys outdoor activities. Archie is the extra roof placed on the exteriors of the house. It helps during the monsoon and summer. It gives your dog the privilege to sit outdoors even in the monsoon season.

They are convertible. Based on the prevailing weather, you can use it. They are usually present in two types; flip and shutter. You can opt for the style based on your needs and likings.

The Oak Dog House

These kinds of dog houses are very regal and luxurious. The Oak finish dog house gives an upscale feel to your dog. They feel like a ruler of a particular domain and love to spend their time in the outside area of the dog house. The Oak dog house can be purchased online or from the market.

Customized Dog House

Customized dog houses are the ideal option of all time. You will not have any disapproval regarding the dog house. Thus, the least you can do is reach out to the right person who can build the dog house per your preference. You can opt for the right color, pattern, style, and design.

Customized dog houses are the ideal ones because of the comfort they offer to your little pet.

Falling Roof Dog House

types of dog houses

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Are you looking for a dog house that serves well in the rainy season? On this note, Falling Roof Dog House is the ideal one for your little friend. 

Falling roof dog houses are present in both wooden and plastic forms. The falling roof helps the water to drain down the top and maintain the clean, dry surface.

Ranch Dog House

Does your dog enjoy the vibe of the farm? If so, the ranch dog house is the ideal one for your dog. However, it is unlikely for farm dogs to stay in a simple or modern-style dog house. This is why Ranch Dog House is a must-buy. It gives the same vibe as a farmhouse. In addition, there are various styles and sizes in which Ranch dog houses are present. Therefore, you must bear in mind your requirements and opt for the one you desire the most.

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Traditional Dog House

Traditional dog houses are highly convenient for most dog breeds. It makes your dogs stay comfortable in the house. They are present in various styles, sizes, and designs. Take into account your dogs’ needs and select the dog house.

Build Your Own Dog House

types of dog houses

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Do It Yourself dog house is the need of the hour. In most cases, dog owners tend to make the dog house on their own. A DIY dog house allows you to pour all your emotions into them while building it up. The dog feels warmer and validated in the dog house that its owner makes. They can feel your presence in it and can stay pleasantly sans any hesitancy or anxiety.

You can also design and paint it as per your dog’s likings. Then, create a space for your dog. The DIY dog house is so flexible for your dog that the dog house will keep them safe and grounded even in your absence.

Retreating Dog House

Retreating dog houses are the most suitable style of dog house. It even has a particular space for storing edibles for your dog. It has a stable place, and you can refill it whenever the bowls or the utensils run out of the edible item. It will keep your dog house darn clean. Isn’t the retreating dog house a reliable idea?

Which Type of Dog House Is Paradigm for Your Dog?

All dog houses have different advantages and characteristics. Being conscientious dog owners, we need to take into account all the attributes we are seeking in the dog house. After getting clarity of what you need in the dog house, you will easily choose the ideal type of dog house.